Why I Stay Wiccan

IMG_0645It seems like every day I run into online articles belittling Wicca. It is often dismissed as “fluffy” or “witchcraft lite.” This is really nothing new, there were witch wars back when I started in the early 2000’s. In fact, there used to be some really awesome Wiccan and witchcraft Yahoo Groups in those days (Yahoo Groups was huge back then), but many were killed off by the infighting over bickering about whose path was valid, and whose wasn’t.

There is no doubt that Wicca is often the starting place for people just coming to Paganism and witchcraft. There are so many books about Wicca, and Scott Cunningham’s book, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner is possibly the most widely read book on witchcraft. So if you frequent Wicca groups you will find a lot of newbies, and yes, they have some questions that might seem silly or pretty “out there,” but really, they are just finding their way on a new path. We’ve all been there. I remember obsessing about the placement of my altar, and scouring groups and message boards for an answer. It seems petty now, but I so wanted to do everything just right.

Many people never leave the Wiccan fold once they find it. Others try on other paths for size, and some move away from it. Some people find that they don’t really want the religious aspect of Wicca, they are more interested in the practice of witchcraft. There are boatloads of Pagan and witchcraft paths, and someone should easily be able to find one that fits for them. I just don’t get it when someone moves on, then feels that they are somehow required to bad mouth Wicca.

I’d like to discuss a little bit about why I stay on the Wiccan path. I have experimented with other paths, but have always come back to Wicca. I think first and foremost, the fact that Wicca is a religion is a big draw for me. I find witchcraft without spirituality to be too clinical. For me, bringing together the sacredness of the earth, nature, the deities, and magick, works on an emotional level. If I were to simply practice witchcraft without the spiritual aspects, I would find it unfulfilling.

There are those who scoff at the Wiccan Rede or the Three-fold law. I don’t find the basic tenets of Wicca troubling at all. I think they really embody human kindness and reflect my own basic moral principles. If others are comfortable doing curses, or tossing things out into the ether that they wouldn’t want to have returned in kind to them, go for it. That’s just not me.

Some people find Wicca too regimented. I’ve had those thoughts too, but for me, I think it’s probably a good thing. It gives me a structure to hold onto. I can tend to wander aimlessly through life, and Wicca holds me together spiritually. I like being a solitary practitioner, but that can lend itself to inactivity or having a spiritual practice that is all over the place. Wicca sets forth a path forward for me. The Wheel of the Year, the rituals, the sabbats, those just clearly define my spiritual path.

I like combining witchcraft with spirituality because I am not sure I could make magick work without a religious component. Honestly, I can’t really tell you how magick works, but I know that sometimes it does. I need to embrace the God and Goddess (or plural) to aid me in my magick. That is the first time I ever wrote that. In the past, I’ve discounted the belief in the deities being essential to magickal practice. However, the more thought I’ve given that, it has occurred to me that I need to emotionally lean on those deities for some degree of support.

Lastly, Wicca is my emotional lifeline. To me, it conjures up (see how I used that there..) wonderful memories of walking into our local witchcraft store for the first time, the joy of reading books by Cunningham, Farrar, Buckland, Morrison, and others when I began, discovering the marvel of this path, and how Wicca led me to a new life. Because of Wicca, I rediscovered my hippie youth mindset, became less enamored of material possessions, learned to use herbs and essential oils for not only ritual, but for everyday uses, became something of a gardener, a cultivator of herbs, and learned to live a simpler lifestyle. This path has made me a better person. Much more-so, I think, than if I had simply just decided to practice witchcraft without the religious component.

Those are just a few reasons I continue to practice the religion of Wicca.

Blessed Be!



  1. I have Never followed the `Wiccan` Path as in my eyes it is Still an Organized Religion, it seems to usher the One Faith Religious onto a type of Pagan path yet still requires them to offer patronage to a Specific God or Goddess.

    Anger is a natural emotion among all animals… as is jealousy, Sorrow & Caution… Know this, not all beings who have been labeled as Witches or Pagans are Wiccans, some of us do Not “Follow” the “Wiccan Rede” we Do Not Follow anything else but our own Instincts & Nature.

    I am Cautious of Wicca, as like Christianity, Islam, Judaism… it is a created belief system… their roots were planted by someone else. Wicca is Not Witchcraft, nor is Witchcraft Wiccan… It feels like people hijacked True Witchcraft which was of both Darkness & light and turned it into this organized religion where you pick & choose what spells one can do, pick & chose which energies you might draw from… almost sounds like Christianity.

    Natural Witches, or those Born Knowing Nature`s path, a lot of times were Solitary practitioners as they all had their own views, their own touch, their own special way of doing things… They did not have an Elder, a Priestess or the like… They were Heathens who followed no One Specific God & most Rebelled against conformity of any sort. They did not dress in fancy cloaks with jeweled Silver Knives, or wear crowns upon their heads, as most were of the poorer folk & Unlike Wiccans who have “An it Harm None” belief~That belief was Not shared with Witches of Ancient times and to say it was is an outright Lie. There was Blood magick, Death magick, Dark magick and all kinds of magick of both light & darkness in the days of Olde… Even Nature will kill the weak in order for the strong to survive… It was Never Glitter, Unicorns & Rainbows, and a True Witch should know this.

    Wicca is another man made religion & should not be associated with the Witches of the Ancients, so please stop offending the Ancients as your people are spreading deception among the masses, I don`t mean to sound like I am attacking Wicca, but it angers me to know that many Wiccans frown upon Traditional Witches of the Olde Ways such as myself, who Draw from both Dark & Light, who are not afraid to call upon the energies of Darkness.

    My roots were not planted, they evolved Naturally, I grew up surrounded by Nature, my best friends were all Animals, both Wild & Domestic. I literally grew up having Nature as my teacher.

    The Moon & Stars whisper words to my Eyes, and I feel Earth’s beat beneath me & to Earth I owe my Life… Solitary, Heathen, Pagan, Witch, … I am unsure of the exact Chosen Label for me as I am unique because I have not allowed the words of others to guide me down their path… I Hear, Feel & Breathe Nature… I was never meant to be a follower of Mankind… That was never Natures plan for me.

    I still offer respect to those who choose to follow the Wiccan path as I prefer them over the One Faith beings due to the fact that they are taught not to bring harm to anyone, even though Nature Does not reflect this attribute in it`s dealings. Wicca is just not a path I Understand nor is it one that I will venture towards. Maybe I am an Olde Soul, reincarnated into this Realm of Gods & Words, but I cannot connect with Humanity, nor can I place my Trust within their words. Nature has always shown me Truth where mankind has always deceived.

    Covens & Wicca Are Not for me due to the fact that they base their faith, still on the words of others. I have it ingrained in my blood, call it an Ancient Oath with the Past, I can not follow any of these “Spoken” faiths, for my faith is my Unspoken bond with Nature… I celebrate the Seasons with rituals that Never came from a book… I interpret my dreams & the world around me in a fashion that makes sense to me, I explore the darkest realms of my mind for a better understanding of self as we must find ourselves before we can claim to know our faith.

    The whole part about Magick, most don’t understand is that the only tool you need is you, you have all the answers, you have the Will & the connection to the All or the energy of the Universe, a manifestation of energies intertwined & constantly flowing…that you may draw upon at anytime…this is what connects us to our world & those we can only imagine.

    Nature was always there for me… It is my protector, my teacher, my wisdom, my soul. I have spent many an hour in what Humanity would name the solitude’s of Nature, pondered many a thought & have been given countless answers.

    I have an unusual blood type, many of the Religious have superstitions about it but I like to think of it more as a blessing than a curse. Perhaps it is what links me so strongly to the all. I have always questioned those who claim to know “the one true God” yet none of them can claim to know themselves… I always can tell when they mask their misery, they are confused & lost, many have even lost the Will to live. Most organized faiths do not allow its people to “know themselves” they must surrender everything to their faith, but those of the Forests, the Wild-lings, the Heathens & Natural Pagans know Nature doesn’t work that way.

    Even the Wiccans who claim that their faith is of Nature, must obey a God or Goddess invented by another being, they have a Wiccan Reed which they must follow, a certain way of being that society will judge them upon.

    The Wind, the stars, the Sun & Moon, the Earth the Air, the Fire the Water… I do not have names like Lord or Lady for the energies I call to as I am unsure if the Sun & Moon’s energies truly are male or female…as not to offend them I do not associate them with anything else than that of which they are… the Sun, the moon, the Earth, the Wind and so on.

    So an example: I call to the moon to shine light upon the darkness I hold in so that I may find my true self hidden from within. or I empower myself with the rays of the Sun, I cleanse all darkness & negativity from my being and start this day fresh & new as you shed your Light upon us I give thanks to you. If the Words I speak rhyme they will help the Spell to Bind within my Mind.

    Some days all I need to do is sit against a tree and close my eyes & listen… I empty my mind of the Chaos of the World & allow Nature to fill my soul. I smell the forest scents, I feel the wind on my face & the texture of the soil beneath me, I listen to the songs of the forest & allow them to fill my being… I watch the birds jump from tree to tree as I watch the leaves fall down from the branches…I take EVERYTHING in…this is how I meditate, how I find answers from within, how I find my creativity, how I find myself. I might sit for a few minutes or a few hours, it will vary on my mood. I might seek council on an idea or thought, perhaps I’ll focus on a question or a thought, sometimes I focus on my desires, while other times I simply seek to motivate myself to reach my goals, or find creativity for an upcoming project. Each session with Nature is ended with an offering of healthy seeds, nuts & grains… Never Cakes or Cookies,I always make sure my offerings are Healthy, Like Organic sprouted grain bread, raw, unsalted nuts in shells & seeds, left either at the base of the tree where I was resting or hung among the branches.

    I thank Nature by giving back whenever I can. In the spring I plant Native Herbs, flowers & plants at the base of trees throughout the forest,friends for the trees as well as shelter for ground dwelling critters…I also make what I like to call “Gifts for Nature” I string nuts & sticks, grasses & mosses in an arrangement so that the birds may take from it whatever they please… be it nesting materials, food or beautiful stones to carry off to their nests… The crows & Magpies love the stones the best, although I have witnessed a Blue jay stealing a stone every now & then.

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    • Well, that was quite a reply. You certainly projected a lot of assumptions onto Wicca and how Wiccans view other witchcraft paths. As you are certainly aware, the majority of Wiccans are now solitary practitioners. So calling Wicca an “organized religion,” is quite a stretch these days. Ask a dozen Wiccans about their view of Wiccan theology, and you will get a dozen variations. There is no central church or Pope-like leader, handing down proclamations of how Wiccans should believe or act. I get there are some Wiccans who act somehow entitled, but one could say that reading your reply would indicate a bit of entitlement of NOT being Wiccan.

      Gerald Gardner, Ms. Valiente, and others who cobbled together Wicca took from many traditions. I have no problem borrowing from other traditions myself. Most witches, Wiccan or not, cobble together their paths. Let’s face it, no matter how you want to spell “Olde,” we don’t have volumes of what the folk people did in those days of yore. A good majority of people I encounter who indicate they are certainly not Wiccans, have practices that are very Wiccan-like. There’s only so much info out there, so we all use spells and rituals that are available. It’s like every witch who rails about witchcraft not being New Age, sure has a lot of crystals, meditation habits, and other New Age practice stuff. Again, we only have so much information out there, so we all end up sharing it.

      Many of the practices you list in your reply are similar to what I see all forms of witches, Wiccan or not, also do.

      Your tone, and I’m sorry if I read your tone wrong, seems a bit retaliatory. I hope my blog post didn’t come across as high and mighty, I certainly didn’t intend it to be. I simply find Wicca a comfortable fit for me, a path that gives me some direction, and one I enjoy. As I stated, there are certainly dozens upon dozens of Craft paths, and I’m happy you have found the one that fits for you.

      Peace out.

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  2. Your words echo so many of my own thoughts. Wherever I roam spiritually, I always seem to spiral back to Wicca. As you mentioned, my biggest problem is that, as a solitary practitioner, I tend toward inactivity and lack of spiritual focus. How do you combat those things?


    • It’s difficult. Being a self starter is tough for the majority of people. I think you have to unconditionally love your spiritual path. You need to be willing to cast away all doubts, and embrace it like you would your child. Incorporate it into your life, just as you do eating, sleeping, and breathing. It can’t be something that you just make time to do, it has to become something you have to do. And I get it, this is all easier said than done!

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