Creating A Witch Bottle

For some time, I’ve been meaning to create a witch bottle for protection. A while back, I came across this article about creating a witch bottle for protection, written by Jason Mankey. It is basically a step-by-step account of making a protective witch bottle.

I spent this last winter letting my toenails grow longer than is socially acceptable. Since I don’t wear shoes much in the summer, winter was the perfect time to do that. Over the course of the winter, I was able to amass a substantial collection of toenail clippings. I looked around the house for other items to include. I found a razor blade, some nails, some screws, the three dimes mentioned in the article, and some garlic cloves. In addition, I am using some cinnamon bark, and the essential oil of black pepper, cinnamon leaf, and ginger.

Today I put all the items in the bottle, filled it 3/4 full of urine, added 3 drops each of the essential oils, and a bit of salt. In order to make sure it stayed sealed shut, I used electrical tape, then a seal of black candle wax.

Where to bury it? I know that by the front door would be optimal, that area is all landscaped. Near the back door is a good second choice. I wanted to bury it today, but the lawn guys sprayed liquid fertilizer today, so I’ll do it tomorrow after it has soaked in a bit.

Some pictures. First pic is growing the spell ingredients, next is all the stuff going in, then the final, unappealing finished product. That should hopefully keep the nasties away!



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