Widening Horizons

UnknownI love my Pagan and Wiccan life. I love communicating with all the Pagans, Wiccans, witches, druids, and occultists on my social media sites. We have a good time comparing and contrasting the way we live our paths on a daily basis. I do not have anything to sell, or anything to promote on my Twitter and Google Plus, or this blog. I’m simply here, and on those sites to talk to others, connect with other people who share the same interests, get some news, and learn interesting things about other people, and subjects that I also find interesting.

Like any other fairly well-rounded person, I like talking about many subjects, not only those related to Paganism. I’ve found kinship online through some of the discussions of depression and anxiety. There are a lot of us out there who unfortunately share those maladies. I used to talk about politics more, but I find that often leads me back to depression, so I have been keeping my distance from that arena.

But I also have interests in science, nature, hippies, goths, ghosts, vampires, things that go bump in the night, social media, computer & internet related stuff (on a fairly simplistic level), herbs and essential oils, simple living, making my own cleaning and beauty products, the environment, home decor, decluttering, television, old movies, horror movies, nostalgia, baseball, my current celebrity crushes (much to my wife’s eye rolling) and other various topics.

At times, I feel like I’ve narrowed my focus on social media a bit too much. While I know it will always be tipped toward Pagan topics, it would be nice to post something about an off-Pagan-topic, and not have it sit there like a bump on a log. Believe it or not, there are times that I just get tired of talking about Pagan stuff. What I don’t want to do is flame-out on Pagan overload, and walk away for stretches of time. Balance, balance, balance!

So here’s my plan. On Twitter, I’m going to change my name back to my Twitter moniker, “Barefoot Pagan.” Both Patchouli Sky and Patchouli Autumn are Craft names. Barefoot Pagan is a broader in scope, perhaps less polarizing to the non-Pagan community. I’m coming back to this blog, “Barefoot Pagan Life” because I feel it lends itself to a broader array of topics. Basically, how I see and live life as a Pagan. And we Pagans do live in a world where we experience the same stuff as non-Pagans.

Google Plus is an interesting contrast. I think that it is much more niche oriented than Twitter. It is more topic centered, so when you find a group of people who share your primary interest, you have a smaller, more intimate community with which to communicate. It is way less populated than Twitter, so one tends to stay within the community in which you fit the best. But I will try to branch out as much as possible.

Right behind my family, Paganism & Wicca have been the most important things in my life for the past 12+ years, and it will continue to be that. But like everyone else, I do have other happenings and interests, and I’d like to talk about that stuff from time to time.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Blessed Be!


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