Paganism: Emerging From The Shadows

D38CA098-26A0-44FC-A82D-075AD46315FFI was inspired to write this post as a sort of reply to Dusty’s comment on my post, “Choosing Witchcraft over the Mundane.” As an aside, I haven’t written here in awhile because I had been writing on this blog. But today, I felt compelled to come here, because I have gravitated back more toward a Wiccan path, albeit pretty darned eclectic, and the “hippie cottage witch” title of the other blog seems like it might narrow my audience a bit. By the way, I don’t think I’m alone in gravitating back toward Wicca. I’m sensing a resurgence in Wicca, where I once saw a movement away from the path. But that’s another post for another day.

Dusty’s comments are something I come across every single day. People who follow some sort of Pagan path, be it Wicca, witchcraft, Druidism, etc., spend a good amount of time juggling mundane life over their spiritual life. In theory, it should be just a part of who we are, but often we have to keep the spiritual life in the shadows.

Let me say I am not completely out of the closet. I’m more emboldened than I was 12 years ago, but Wicca has only been mentioned to friends once, and it distanced a few friends, and cost one friendship. Great friendship, huh? But I have “Pagan” splashed all over my social media, so basically I’m letting people use their imaginations past that.

For awhile, I tried having a separate Wiccan Facebook account, and moving away from my long time mundane account. It worked for awhile, but balance is important, and I found that limiting myself to only witchcraft friends is a bit overpowering and sometimes frustrating. I do still have that account, and visit it upon occasion, but I don’t think I could live there.

Pagans can’t live in a vacuum. We have to live amongst our non-magical, non-earthen fellow humans. I think it’s getting easier to be a Pagan than it was over a decade ago. Paganism and Wicca, while not completely mainstream, have been discussed and written about enough, that people are more familiar with it. We still have our detractors, perhaps enemies, especially among the religious right.

We also fight a battle against mockery. People will suspend their disbelief and believe that Jesus was born of a virgin mother, was the son of God, and that all the stuff in bible happened. A wafer serves as the body of Christ, wine serves as his blood. Whether they are apt to admit it, that’s magical stuff. Most of what any religion serves up is unprovable, and requires belief over logic. While aspects of Pagan paths require that also, many of our beliefs and practices are earth based as opposed to being based strictly upon the supernatural.

Pagans live for the here and now. We are not basing our lives upon death, expecting better things on “the other side.” Most of us don’t look to a supernatural being to grant wishes, nor do we constantly try to prove our worth to that being. In reality, our path is more logical than any path based upon the worship of a supernatural being.

It’s taken me years to get to this mindset. I also don’t have the burden that younger people do, having to worry about what employers, family members, parents, friends, and social contacts might think about Paganism. I understand the need for a shadow spiritual life in many of those instances. Here’s hoping that one day, there will be no need for that.

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!



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