Bubble, Bubble Soap & Trouble

For some time I’ve been using bar soap in the bathroom I use most. There are several reasons I’ve switched to bar soap. First, full disclosure. We are weening off liquid soap in all the other bathrooms and kitchen sink. We will probably keep liquid soap in the kitchen and hall bath on main floor, just due to visitors using that bathroom. We are switching to safer liquid soap in those areas. It costs a bit more, but we will be using much less of it.

If you look at the two photos at the top of this post, I think you can see the main reason for the switch. The liquid soap has tons of stuff I’ve never heard of in it, and note how there is the warning to use this soap on your hands only! If this soap is so bad that you can only use it on your hands, why use it at all? The other photo is of a bar of soap on an inexpensive wooden soap holder that lets the soap air dry.

There are a lot of bar soaps on the market, many by large companies. Some of these soaps contain many of those chemical listed on the liquid soap bottle. The best commercial soap I can readily find is Jergens. This can easily be found at Target or other department and grocery stores. Jergens has less chemicals than most commercial soaps, and the company is well rated, as you can see from the link.

A couple bar soaps commonly mentioned are Dr. Bronners and Mrs. Meyers soaps. Personally I find them a bit too harsh and drying. Their scores are on a par with Jergens.

I am also interested in buying handmade soaps. They are generally more expensive than commercial soaps, but many have a wonderful blend of essential oils.

The other big reason to use bar soaps is the packaging. Paper or chipboard packaging vs. a big plastic refill container of liquid soap. A no brainer. Method brand liquid soap is readily available, has a good safety score, and the refill packaging is not plastic. This is more expensive than Soft Soap or store brand liquid soap, but again, since we will be using more bar soap, we will be using far less liquid soap..

Soap is not a sexy blog topic,but it pertains to all of us. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and we only had bar soap. Ivory soap was the go-to soap in our house. I started using liquid soap in the early 90’s because it was convenient.

It seems that we pay a big price both with our health and our environment for convenience. Something to think about.

Thanks for reading and as always,

Blessed Be!


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