Wicca; The Existence of Deities

neo-paganismIn the past, I’ve written quite a bit about having a strong belief in deity, and the existence of deity. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit lately, and have examined my belief system in a more in-depth way.

I thought a lot about my what my perception of God was when I was an active participant in my birth religion. I basically defaulted to a belief in God, as my religion made a big deal of it. I never thought of God as a judgmental being, rather someone who one might turn to in times of trouble. Eventually, I fell away from my birth religion, and largely from a belief in God. If he was someone to turn to in times of trouble, he was truant an awful lot of the time.

So I lived godlessly for over 15 years. Eventually, I felt the need for some kind of spirituality in my life, and I found Wicca. I was a good student, read lots of books, blogs, message groups, and set up “shop” as instructed. Somewhere around my 8th year into Paganism/Wicca, I began looking at other paths. Chaos magick and Luciferianism were two paths that appealed to me the most. Interestingly, both paths viewed deity largely as archetypes, and/or the belief that the practitioner was a god, although some adherents did believe in the literal existence of gods. Yet I always returned to Wicca.

For the most part, I’ve willed myself to believe in the actual existence of deity. I have never felt the presence of, or had any kind of encounter with, deity. Honestly, I’m kind of back where I was in my birth religion days, where I basically accepted the existence of deity because I am supposed to. Obviously, this flies in the face of posts where I tout the absolute need for belief in deity. I get the irony. There are many times when I feel that my picture should be next to the word irony in the dictionary.

I’ve been reading a lot about Humanistic Paganism lately. When I question the existence of deity, Humanism or atheism always jumps to mind. I then while away a lot of hours watching Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens videos.

However, I find the atheistic beliefs too stark. Even though I may question the physical existence of deity, I do have supernatural beliefs. I have the belief that magick works. Perhaps not in every instance, but often enough. I believe in the magickal properties of stones, crystals, herbs, essential oils.

So where does that leave me? That’s the $64,000 question. The answer I’ve come up with is this. It brings me right back to Wicca.

There is no requirement in Wicca that you have an absolute belief in the physical existence of deity. I’ve read quite a few accounts of Wiccans who view deity as archetypical. I like Wicca for a number of reasons that many witches don’t like Wicca. I like the “harm none” concept. I understand it is very difficult to have zero actions that don’t harm another person. If you do a spell to get a job that you are up for, and you get it, didn’t that harm the other people that were also being considered for the job? My perception of the “harm none” guideline is that you don’t set out to cause serious physical and mental harm to another person or animal. I wouldn’t do it in a non-magickal way, so why would I do it magickally? I also really enjoy the fellowship with other Wiccans, even if is just through means such as this.

I also want to keep the door open for belief in deity. Just as the judge in “Miracle on 34th Street” ruled that the “court would keep an open mind as to the existence of Santa Claus,” I believe that’s where I stand in the deity belief spectrum. Never say never.

What do you think? Do you have an absolute belief in deity, or do you have moments of doubt? What are your opinions on viewing deity as archetypes? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!

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  1. I have a deep belief in deity because I feel I have had direct contact and been ‘called’ by certain deities. But I also believe in the energy and magick of things, and I also believe we humans are a form of deity! (If that makes sense!) Love your posts 🙂

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    • I’d love to hear more about your personal experiences with deity! Thanks for the kind words about my posts. I spent some time this morning reading your blog. Love, love, love your writing. You are very talented.

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      • Thank you so much, what a great compliment! I am glad you liked my stories 🙂

        To me, connecting with deity usually comes in the form of dreams, meditation or things that occur in nature. I also look to astrology charts and things I am drawn to, or synchronicity that shows up in my life.

        For example, I was looking to connect with a male deity. On Lughnasadh that year I happened to find a beautiful quartz rock, large as my hand, with unusual streaks of orange and yellow in it. I noticed the garden had bloomed in orange and red flowers… The colors of Lugh are red, orange and yellow. I realized my moon sign was Leo, a fire sign, which also occurs in August — Lugh being a fire/ sun god. That was enough for me! Then I could begin more formal meditations with Lugh.

        I have had many experiences like this with energies/ deities. I consider myself Eclectic, so I do not follow a strict Pantheon. I believe we can be led by impulse.

        I know people who have found crow’s feathers and this brings a connection with Morrigan. Some people believe they are being contacted by the Galactic Federation, but this also could be deities of the heavens like Zeus or Odin. I also believe the many recorded visions of the Catholic Blessed Virgin (such as Fatima and Guadalupe) are manifestations of goddess.

        I think deities actually connect with us all the time — no one is ‘singled out’ or ‘special’. But we must take the time to tune in to their clues. And it is always up to us as individuals, to choose the connections we would like — and IF we want the connection at all. Not choosing it is fine too. But me, I like the deities 🙂

        As usual, I have written too much, haha! Have a great Saturday 🙂

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    • Your comment did give me pause for thought. I guess I compartmentalize, and put supernatural phenomenon in one category, and the belief that there are absolutely deities in another. I don’t think the two necessarily have to go hand in hand. When I think about the supernatural, I don’t think in terms of the necessity of a god or goddess being required to make the supernatural phenomenon happen.


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