A Healthy Witchcraft Balance

29311419523_9ec3811388_cIf you follow my Twitter account, you might have read about me ditching my mundane Facebook account, and going all in with my Pagan account. I thought that was going well, but apparently Facebook didn’t seem to think my real name was my Craft name. So, instead of getting into a big thing, I decided to simply go back to my mundane account. I did have fun with the Pagan account, and had lots of people friend me.

There were drawbacks. When it is almost all witchcraft all the time on Facebook, you run into some, well, interesting stuff.Ā I saw more people who were haunted by demons, wanted spells to make their hair grow fast, spells to have all sorts of fantastical things happen, and lots of people thinking witchcraft was a lot like a Harry Potter novel. And oh, yeah, there was also a guy who believed he was a 245 year old vampire & witch. It became a bit overwhelming.

Conversely, my @barefootpagan Twitter account is comprised of a good mix of lots of Pagans, Wiccans, witches, druids, PLUS a great mix of other people too. It is a joyous place to spend time, and it is where I devote most of my social media time.

(A break in the action for a bit here, I dodged some missionaries coming to the door. Ugh.)

I took this quick discovery of my not-real-name by the powers-that-be at Facebook to do some thinking about creating a healthy mix of mundane and magical life. I decided to leave my Pagan Google Plus page. It had become a breeding ground for Pagan and witchcraft art, with very few links to actual content. I am going to open a G+ account in my real name, and follow some of the stuff I really enjoyed on my other G+ account. Some may be Pagan related, but not the majority.

I also deleted my Pagan Instagram account. Again, it was filling up with much the same art I was finding on G+, AND lots and lots of Pagan accounts selling witchcraft supplies. In fact, I would venture to say that at least 50% of the people following me were accounts linked to Pagan businesses or Internet shops.

So, I’ve decided channel my Pagan efforts into my Twitter account, and this blog. There is plenty to discover on Twitter, and I have found many wonderful Pagan and witchcraft blogs via my blog here at WordPress.

There are times when I get overwhelmed, and even a bit tired, of writing and reading about Paganism and witchcraft. It is a big part of who I am, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I think that taking these measures will create a healthy balance.

Anyway, that’s my story today, and I’m sticking to it.

Blessed Be!




  1. First of all, just reading about all this social media has made me tired LOL!! I do not think I could handle all those accounts šŸ™‚

    Secondly — missionaries at your door? Seriously? Across the street from me live people who belong to one of the — let’s say — ‘recruiting types’ of religions. But they keep to themselves, pretty much, lovely people really.

    Great post!

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    • Christine, “missionaries” was the word that popped in my head.. As I was writing that post, I saw a car park down the street & two clean-cut young men got out, carrying their scriptures, and started knocking on doors. It should be noted here that I never, ever answer the door. Unless someone calls to tell me they are headed over here, (or I hear the Fed-Ex or UPS truck roar to a stop in front of the house) I just assume it is a political candidate, someone selling something, or someone trying to push their religion off on me. I’m sure these were great guys, but they’re sole aim at bothering me was something in which I had no interest.

      And yes, having lots of social media can wear one out! Thanks for commenting!

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      • It interested me because once upon a time I was apparently a favorite recruit… Don’t know why, but they’d approach me on buses, in restaurants, all over the place! (To no avail, I never joined any of it.) Funny, now that I am a Pagan no one bothers me.

        You are wise to not answer the door šŸ™‚

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    • I get these guys at my door pretty much every few weeks, Jehovah witnesses I think (and other churches occasionally, they seem to love canvasing our neighborhood with fliers for this and that event). They haven’t a clue that I’m pagan. “Oh can we leave this pamphlet with you?” ect. ect. They don’t seem sure whether they should try to convert me or not, as I have an odd and sly answer to their questioning. “I was raised in a Christian home.” Well it’s true. Also I’m more than well equipped to argue the superiority of the old king james, VS. the NIV (because, lets be honest, NIV sucks, it’s just a dumbed down version). I just smile at them generally though, and take their pamphlets. I hope they remember someday that I was kind and patient with them. As you’ve said, they seem like perfectly nice people, maybe just a little misled and overzealous…

      Meno ā¤

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      • The great thing about Pagans is, I’ve never met one (myself included) who has not thoroughly examined the religion of their birth. Most Pagans have examined the Bible with scrutiny and know it even better than some Christians. However, I have always believed in ‘attraction not promotion’ and that goes for almost everything. Blessed Be šŸ™‚

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      • I couldn’t agree more! I seriously studied it, front to back, and the history that surrounded it. That was part of what made me abandon it in the end. The power of knowledge is a wonderful thing : )
        So like you said, they seem to be promoting it, because in this day and age, it isn’t very attractive anymore.

        Many blessings!

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      • Those that say ‘don’t go near it’ usually have absolutely NO understanding of it, nor of its history. And ironically, they often do not know much about their OWN faith either! However, I also realize that many people simply are not interested in seeking. I was — and am glad I was šŸ™‚

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      • You can say that again. My mother was insistent that witches (wiccans weren’t bad according to her, although she just couldn’t understand why they just couldn’t be Christians, with all that love and peace stuff) were party to human sacrifice and the like. Now she’s a little on the crazy side (literally), but this is in no way a dead sentiment in certain hardcore christian groups. These people are just plain scared because they believe every piece of bullshit they’ve ever heard. I guess we can thank the Catholic church for that though. They disseminated the best and most gruesome lies….
        As for seeking, I’ve always been the kind that couldn’t leave well enough alone, my birth faith didn’t fit what I knew about the world, it didn’t feel like the truth, so I had to go seeking for the truth. I can’t say I’ve entirely found it, but I’ve finally found a religion that makes sense, that works for me.


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  2. You’re going to laugh at me, but I’ve never used twitter before (I’m laughing right now too!). It sounds like and interesting, but tiring way, to connect with other pagans. I personally am sticking to my wordpress account (for now). I have a gmail, so I might open a google plus, problem is, I have no clue what the heck I would post there (poetry maybe?). lol


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