Just a Barefoot Witch

20160425_155647250_iosAs I sit here writing this, there are about half dozen or more people tearing off our roof, getting ready to install a new one. It’s noisy as hell. So if this seems a bit off kilter today, you know why.

Yesterday, I ran across this Washington Post article on Google Plus. In it, the author makes a pretty good case about the benefits of letting children go barefoot as much as possible. She cites barefoot advocates, pediatricians, and podiatrists, who all extol the benefits of not wearing shoes. The author makes a good case in a succinct article.

Obviously, I am a fan of being barefoot. This article caused me to reflect on why that’s the case with me. The earliest recollection I have of enjoying being barefoot is when I was 5 – 6 years old. Our neighbors had a basement, which we didn’t, and I was friends with their son. We were big fans of pirate movies, like the ones Errol Flynn starred in. So we played pirate in their semi finished basement. Pirates were often barefoot in the movies, so of course we had to follow suit. I remember how cool we were, going barefoot in the middle of the winter in that basement.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, with the hippie movement in full swing, I embraced that lifestyle as much as I could as a grade, middle, and high schooler. Bellbottoms and barefoot was haute couture for a hippie kid.

I lost that hippie lifestyle in college and didn’t really recapture it until I became a Pagan in 2004. I got rid of all my suits and dress clothes, and now it’s jeans, casual shirts, and barefoot if possible. When I need to wear shoes, Birkenstocks are the shoe of choice. In the winter, Birk clogs serve me well.

To be honest, when I have to wear socks and regular shoes, it feels like my feet are in shoe prison. I really can’t do it for a long period of time. I only do it when socially necessary or when exercising. Interestingly, my podiatrist contends that going barefoot is NOT good for you. He is an advocate of the support of shoes. He also doesn’t like sandals of any kind, even Birkenstocks. That’s weird, considering most podiatrists cite Birks as having good foot support.

Then there is the connection to the earth. Not having something between your foot and the ground is the simplest way to connect with the earth. Many health professionals find that connection, called “earthing,” lets our body absorb the earth’s electrons. This is beneficial in alleviating or lessening many medical conditions. There is a good website here, which explains it more in length.

There are people who take lots of selfies. Weirdly, I have more than a couple selfies of my bare feet. It’s just something I do, but I’m not alone. I’ve found lots of people like to take pics of their feet in different locations, or in the snow, grass, beach. I’m not particularly interested in other people’s feet, but a girl with a toe ring does tend to trip my trigger.

So there you go. If you were wondering how I came up with the title of this blog, now you know.

Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be.


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