Goodbye Politics, Hello Wicca

img_1490If you follow my Twitter account, you have a pretty good idea that I thought Donald Trump was totally unqualified to be President, preyed upon the fears, and unfortunately, the surprising hatred that still exists in this country. Since 2008, I’ve invested lots of hope, energy, and time, into following politics. There is no doubt that our country is in a much better place then it was when President Obama took office.

Secretary Clinton was not a perfect candidate. She made some mistakes, but she also devoted her entire adult life to public service. Donald Trump devoted his adult life to Donald Trump. He has absolutely no experience, and his contempt toward women, Muslims, Hispanics, the media, and virtually anybody who didn’t shout his praises is well documented.

I’m also disappointed that there is such a large segment of our country that looked past all that, and decided to throw the future of our country to the wind. There seems to be a racism and hatred in our country that runs far deeper than I ever imagined. So now, there are entire groups of people who fear what the future will bring them. Climate change will be left to worsen, as Trump is a denier. The chasm between the rich and the poor will continue to grow, and millions of people who were able to finally get health insurance, will again be at the mercy of the big insurance companies, who will again be lining the pockets of the GOP politicians. It just goes on and on.

So I’ve made a decision. While I will still have interests in the social causes, many of which I listed above, I will no longer devote my time and interest to politics. I may vote, maybe, but I’ll no longer have my emotions rise and fall with the bullshit of politicians. If millennials didn’t feel the need to vote to ensure their future, why should I?

The energy I devoted to politics will now be channeled into my Wiccan path. I plan on elevating my spirituality to an even greater importance in my life than it already has. I have fallen away from ritual and spells, and that will change. The energy and emotions I had toward politics will be funneled into magickal workings. The hours of reading about, writing about, and fretting about politics, will now be spent on bettering myself, and perhaps others through ritual and magick.

At times, politics caused me to doubt my spiritual path. My upset with the far right beliefs of GOP politicians, often to the detriment of most of society, often pushed me towards abandoning any religious belief, as a push-back towards their extremist beliefs. This wasn’t what I really wanted. It was simply a knee-jerk reaction. Now, with disregard for politics, I’m sure those days of doubt will be few and far between.

It’s not just the politicians, the media has played a role in this. Sensationalized articles, which apparently are necessary to draw readership, fueled my political fire. They also took a lot of my time away from those aforementioned rituals and magickal workings. Time spent away from all the rhetoric will no doubt be beneficial to my spiritual path.

I think I’ve grown towards cottage witchery because I didn’t have the time to devote to ceremony, ritual, and spells. I rationalized my move away from Wicca as an evolution to my path. In reality, it had just become inconvenient for me to pull myself away from my political outrage, and devote the time to my spirituality. So for me, the loss of interest in politics is my spiritual gain.

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!


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  1. there are times when spiritual beliefs and politics go in the same corner: yesterday the Dakota pipeline operator dified Obama and started going ahead with the line. I am in shock and outraged. Syein is gong to have to be removed for me to ever work with them again. She was like that one woman in hunger games and started the hc will nuke and was suppoting t in a few of her speeches. It didn’t get her more vote just enough to aid and abet but fri what I heard it did make more people not vote and some even vote for him.


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