On Expressing A Pagan Worldview

1210232015329905-sun_tree_moonI’ve had a few days to reflect upon the election. I’ve read and reread my last post many times, and have spent a lot of time reading posts by other Pagans. The long and short of this post is that I’m going to walk back much of my last post.

For nearly 13 years, I’ve been honing my witchcraft path. I’ve read important books on Pagan & witchcraft history, on Pagan & witchcraft practice, and on various forms of magick and spells. I’ve read plenty of less serious books too, varying from “gothic witchcraft,” “nocturnal witchcraft,” and other variations of the Craft. I’ve read endless articles, websites, blogs, and group posts on many of the same topics. I’ve performed lots of rituals, spells, and magick. This is just part of being a Pagan and a witch in today’s society.

I am, however, increasingly drawn to writings that tie our practices to the earth that we treasure. While some of these articles contain talk of spells and magick, they are not singularly focused on the how-to aspects. They are more of a world-view bent, demonstrating how their spirituality influences how they see the world. Many also show their deep appreciation of nature, and their concerns about the future of our planet, of our environment.

Here’s a for-instance. For a long time, I’ve been a big fan of Alison Leigh Lilly‘s writing. Her writing paints the reader a picture of how she sees the world. I can’t even imagine how long it takes her to craft her posts, but they are beautiful. I am amazed that, at her youthful age, she is able to convey such emotion and power in her writing.

There are many other Pagan writers and bloggers who also manage to guide their readers to their way of seeing the world. Many of these writers have specific areas of concern, such as the environment, human rights, religious rights, separating the religious from the secular in government, Pagan rights, women’s rights, equality under the law, and other social issues often important to the Pagan community.

I mentioned in my last post that I want to spend less time fretting over politics, and that still stands. Frankly, the media often incites the public to more outrage than the political players themselves. And we bite on the hook. It sells papers, magazines, and gets eyes on websites. However, upon reflection, I think it is incumbent upon me, as a Pagan, to express my concerns regarding the how political actions can affect our planet, our religious choices, our personal freedoms and rights, and our environment.

As a male, I was drawn to Paganism partly because of the empowerment it gave to women. Although my wife is well paid, I’ve seen her work next to males who do much less in the corporate workplace, yet are paid bushel baskets more money than she makes. I see old men (well, many of them are my age….) politicians attempt to legislate their religions, dictating what women can and can’t do with their bodies. And shockingly, our next President has admitted to abusing women. How in the world, as a Pagan male, can I not care and speak out on these issues?

So, upon reflection, I can’t bury my head for the next four years, or immerse myself in religious ritual.

The trick is being taken seriously as a Pagan. We can, at times, be our own worst enemy in that regard. Witchy memes are fun, but when that becomes the centerpiece of your public face online, it damages your credibility. Talk of magickal workings being able to accomplish impossible things also interferes with being taken seriously. Back to Alison for a second. Read her writings, and you will see her intertwine her spirituality into her worldview so seamlessly that it comes off as freaking poetic, yet makes strong points.

I’m not sure I can come close to that level of writing, but it’s the direction in which I’d like to move. There are so many wonderful blogs and websites that are strictly witchcraft related, and they are important to our community. Please read them! I hope that I can blend my spiritual outlook into my interests and concerns facing our world, in a fairly turbulent time.

Thank you ever-so-much for reading!

Blessed Be


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