Witchcraft Life – My Normal..

I haven’t written in a while. My apologies. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little non-witchy, a little abnormal. This morning I seemed to have turned that corner. So I wrote this post as much for myself, as it is for you to read.

I live a magickal life. That’s magick with a K. If I lived a magical life, without the K, it would be like a Hallmark Christmas movie, and it’s certainly not. Like everyone else, I have troubles. I suffer more than I admit with depression and anxiety, and on a scale from 1 to 10 of where I thought I’d be in life now, I’m at about a 6. I’m not miserable on a logical basis, I just thought I would have achieved more, have more friends, and be, you know, normal. Am I normal? I’m not sure because…..

Because I am a witch. A witch! A Pagan! A Wiccan! I’m a strange mixture of hippie and goth. The hippie I get, but where in the hell did this goth stuff come from? I mean right now, I’m listening to the album, Chasing the Ghost by Collide. And I’m well over 50! What the hell? I believe in the God and the Goddess. I practice magick, I cast spells, and I believe in the power of magick. And I’m firmly entrenched in all this.

Admittedly, there are times I want to leave it all behind. You know, be normal! But then, when my mental dust settles I realize, this is my normal. No matter how I got here, or why I got here, this is my life. Every day, I am surrounded by essential oils, herbs, incense blends, dropper bottles by the dozen, gothic decor, altars, books, and the list goes on. The top two photos were the first two things I saw this morning. Even in the bathroom, I can’t escape my witchcraft trappings. It’s my normal.

There are times I’m really annoyed with some of my fellow witches. When I see people get on a Craft Facebook group, and ask if there is a spell to make them a vampire, or one to combat the dozens of evil forces around them, it drives me crazy. If you are constantly battling dozens of evil forces, you need to look inward.

But generally, most witches seem to have a decent grasp upon reality, which comforts me. Then again, the question as to what is reality presents itself. There are times that I come to the mental conclusion that the God and Goddess are archetypes, not actual beings. Logically that’s probably sound thinking I tell myself. However, when the chips are down, and I need to appeal to something larger than myself what do I do? I pray to the God and Goddess. So to me, they are real. And normal.

There are times that I think, “oh, this spell stuff is just silliness.” But again, when there is something I desire, or need to change, or happen, I’m at that altar doing a spell. A further benefit from knowing all this magickal information is the knowledge I’ve gained about herbs, essential oils, and how to use them for everyday situations. Personal care, first aid care, cooking, home care are ways I put this knowledge to use each and every day. That’s now my normal.

When you boil it all down, I’m not a lot different from a Christian who goes to church, and prays to his or her God, and uses prayer to ask God for things. That is their normal. I simply don’t choose to leave everything in the hands of the God and Goddess. I may appeal to them for some inspiration or guidance, but spells are my prayers. That’s my normal.

Am I normal in the eyes of those Christians? Probably not. But this is my normal, and I have to remind myself of it every day, and assure myself that it’s perfectly fine.

Blessed Be!




  1. What a great post. I recently lived with a witch and one of my coworkers is pagan… I spend my time with people who love the outdoors, but I still feel odd most of the time. Like my imagination runs a little wild and is a little too vivid. I love it, but sometimes I feel that I am alarming those around me. It is nice to know that I am not alone on this journey. It seems to be a time of self-discovery.

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  2. Thank Gods, I’m not the only one feeling… off. Unfortunately, I myself haven’t been able to practice any witchiness these past two months, not even on Samhain (it’s only Witches New Year and my favorite holiday!!!!). I’ve been feeling a little disconnected to my magick lately and so I’ve tried to add little magickal workings into my everyday routine, whether it’s as simple as lighting candles or making sigils in my cooking. As a fellow goth/hippie myself, I completely understand the discomfort and anxiety in trying to be normal like everyone else. It wasn’t until I gave up and embraced my inner goth that I actually felt normal! While still currently in my own Dark Night of the Soul, one thing I’m learning to accept is that where we are in our life, whether it’s a dark place or not, is right where we are meant to be. Thank you so much for this post!!!


    • The witchcraft funk seems to be a common occurrence. My theory is that because most of us are solitary practitioners, it’s easy to lose focus without the luxury of fellow practitioners, like the people in a congregation. They tend to “motivate” each other, where as we have to self motivate. It’s not difficult to fall into a malaise, and put one’s practice on the back burner. Most of us make it back in a relatively short period of time. πŸ™‚

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  3. I struggle with this and I’m only just starting out on the long witchy path! I’m working on incorporating magickal things into my daily life, I’m getting there, slowly! I’ve just started my blog to accompany me on the path, I would love if you could take a look!

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