The Moon, Wicca, and Me

Last night we were on our way to have some cocktails and dinner. We left the house around 4 or so, and headed east. Moonrise yesterday was at 3:42 PM, so the nearly full moon loomed large in the waning light of the afternoon. It was quite a sight.

I mention this because the moon is very inspiring to me. As a kid, I was really interested in astronomy. I read lots of age appropriate books in grade and middle school about the science, and learned to love the night sky. I always felt drawn to the moon, probably due to its proximity to earth, and how easily visible it is.

When I began my Wiccan path, I came to realize how important the moon, and astronomy itself, is to witchcraft and magick. Read any book about Wicca or witchcraft, and notice how much the moon is mentioned. The phases of the moon are factored in when determining when to perform certain spells. Waning and waxing are important. The new moon signals new beginnings, and is appropriate for magick that draws things toward you. The full moon is thought to be a time when magick is most powerful, and the waning moon provided a good time to work spells that rid you of anything unwanted.

In my life now as a Wiccan, the moon is a steadying influence upon my mental connection to the path. There have been times when my faith in the path has been shaken, when doubts enter my thoughts. But honestly, when I walk outside in the still of the night, look up and see that shining celestial body, something happens to me. All the wonder of the Wiccan path comes flooding back to me. It sounds rather hokey, but it’s the absolute truth.

I’ve come to realize that the phase of the moon is a powerful force in my life. I feel mentally strong from the new moon to the full moon. And since I’ve been tracking this, I’ve noticed that when I do have some serious bouts of melancholia, it tends to happen during the waning period of the moon.

I’d wager that there are spells, magick, herbs, stones, and essential oils that protect you if you are adversely influenced by the waning moon. I’m going to look into that. If you are reading this, and know of anything like that, I would love to hear from you!

Because things sometime come into my life at the right time, I came across the following at Sage Goddess’s Facebook page this morning. Here’s a link to her website and blog. Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!





  1. I feel a connection to the moon too!

    I’ve often found myself “losing time” – which is a symptom of a mental illness I have – but since discovering Wicca, and paying attention to the moon’s cycles, I’ve really felt a lot more grounded. I love that Wicca has links to astronomy too – space blows my mind. (I have a piece of meteorite that I use in my spells.)

    I’ve found that considering the significance of each moon phase, and how it relates to my life at the moment, has been really grounding for me, and given me a real sense of continuity, and a positive, forward momentum. It’s all about setting goals, fulfilling them, banishing negativity, winding down, new beginnings/rebirth, etc.

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    • Thanks for commenting! My logical self reads those articles negating planetary influence on human life, and think, “yeah, they probably have a point.” But then in real life, I, like yourself, can point to instances where the behavior of celestial bodies have a strong influence on my life.

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      • Exactly, yeah. The change of the seasons definitely has an effect, and more so if you pay attention to them and really think about their significance.


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