Oh Dear Gods, Resolutions! Egads!

lens_cornelis_-_tanz_der_ma%cc%88nadenSo yesterday, out of the ashes of another boozy holiday, a different me rose like a phoenix. It isn’t necessarily a “better” me, just one that is perhaps more focused on what’s important. As I indicated yesterday, I changed my social media accounts. I went full on witchy. What had happened on my mundane accounts was a devolvement into awful political discourse. It has become increasingly crystal clear that the round and round arguing only served to aggravate everyone involved, and was without purpose. I’m not going to stick my head in the sand, but I’m no longer going to be the person who constantly harps on it. Honestly, I would much rather hang with other Pagans and witches, discussing spirituality and magick.

In the past, I’ve stayed away from New Year’s resolutions. They so often fall by the wayside. This year, I’m not waiting for New Year’s. I have a few things in mind. First, I want to be kinder to myself. Mind, body, and soul. That involves a dedication to meditation, to reading more books, to eating better, and ceasing to beat myself up over what I don’t like about my life. Accepting the things I can’t change, and working to better those that I can.

Secondly, extending more kindness to others. Becoming a Wiccan all those years ago went a long way to improving that, but there is always room to be a better person. More time with my grandchildren, and more quality time with my wife. More kindness extended to strangers, and to my friends. I know for a fact that that kind of thing comes back to you three and four fold.

I want to continue to simplify my life. This year, I made great strides in that area. I largely ditched shampoo, shifted from chemical laden soap products to simple bar soap, detoxed our cleaning supplies, went to water-only face washing, using only carrier oil and essential oils for moisturizing, and deodorant. We decluttered, and continue to do so. I’ve stopped comparing my life to the lives of others. If we are happy, that’s what’s important.

I know we could do more. Even though we recycle religiously, we could bring home less plastic from the store. We could eat less meat, and probably buy fewer unnecessary items than we do. Change is difficult, and changing behavior of 40+ years isn’t as simple as I thought it might be.

Lastly, I am going to allow myself to move between mindsets without all sorts of self analysis. I’m not sure how it’s happened, but I’m equal part barefoot hippie, goth, Wiccan, chaos magician, devotee of Hestia, chaste Goddess of the Hearth, devotee of Dionysus, God of religious and sensual ecstasy and madness (a particularly fun devotion!), and countless other deities and aspects of their personalities. For better or worse, the sum of all parts make us whole. Understanding why is, at least in my instance, best left to the deities.

So that’s it. Most of my “resolutions” are things I’m already working on. A few are new, and some are just a further embracement of current practices.

Thanks for reading! I love that people find what I ramble on about here fairly interesting, and am truly grateful for your feedback and comments. It makes my heart sing.

Blessings to you all.




  1. Hi 🙂 I really like your blog. I follow a tradition of paganism that I don’t find on the internet much at all, one I learned from a friends family. It is focused on simple living, getting down to the essentials and living natural lives. I see there being a trend to such a lifestyle lately, among non pagans as well. It is getting pretty popular. Please, read my blog post https://theklanaway.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/sayari-gives-us-what-we-need/ about how Mother Earth gives us what we need.

    Recycling is important (I prefer to resuse, to make something new or repurpose it myself), and I am happy that you have put so much thought into this post. I am new to running a website, this is my first one. I was hoping you could skim through my blog and maybe find ways I could say things better, or give me some new ideas. I’m going to put a link to your blog on my site, as I am sure that anyone who likes my blog will like yours as well. Hope you have a good day, and please, don’t stop updating your blog 🙂

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    • Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I spent some time reading yours, and I must say that I like your general concept. My first question would be where/how did this path originate? I looked through the “about” section, and your explanation posts, and I never really got how this path came to be. You use the word “we” in describing the followers of the path. Is this a path with a good number of followers? Also, you are throwing a lot of fairly complex, new information the reader’s way. I would keep your posts relatively short, touching on a new concept each day. Most people tend to zone out if the posts are too long. Best wishes with your blogging endeavors. I’ll be reading!


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