Wicca 24/7 So Far, So Good!

img_1703As I wrote about a while back, I am doing everything I can to fully immerse myself in my Wiccan path, doing my best to completely let go of ego, and follow the God and Goddess. Part of that has been forsaking my mundane social media accounts, and concentrating only on the one’s connected to witchcraft. I thought I’d do a short little update on this last day of 2016.

My Wiccan Twitter account was already my go-to Twitter acct. I love my Barefoot Pagan account, and all the people I follow and who follow me. I know there have been lots of instances of negative behavior on Twitter, but I have to say that the witchcraft/Pagan community I’ve managed to cobble together is great. Positive, helpful, interesting, and welcoming. I think because of that, I get followed by a lot of non-Pagan people, who find a warm, welcoming place in my neck of the woods.

Facebook has been interesting. My Wiccan FB account is comprised of probably 90% Pagan/witchcraft friends, pages, and groups. Talk about near total immersion in the witchcraft realm! What I’ve found is that the witchcraft community I’ve found there is extremely friendly. I have had ten times more interaction with my friends there compared to my now defunct mundane account.

A couple of witchcraft community Facebook observations. The witches there love their memes and artwork just as much as every other Craft community to which I’ve ever belonged. I have left a couple of groups because nearly all the posts were art and memes, with not much discussion at all. Most witchcraft groups are very active, and it’s not unusual to see 100+ replies to each post. So far, very little drama except in a empath group, of all things! I left that group.

Also, in the FB groups I’m in, experienced witches are very gracious and helpful to those new to the path. That, my friends, doesn’t happen on all social media, trust me. So I love that about Facebook witches!

I’m also still hanging in there with my Google+ account. It seems there are fewer of us everyday, but there is a tight-knit group hanging on.

All in all, I’ve found this to be a very rewarding experience, this witchcraft immersion. Because of that, it’s easier to continue on my quest. Thanks to all my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress friends!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

Blessed Be!



  1. It warms my heart that you are succeeding in finding happiness with the God and Goddess as an every day part of your life. I’m still trying to immerse myself fully, but I work for a hospital that has religious ties and I don’t feel comfortable revealing that part of myself at work, unfortunately. Many blessings to you in 2017!

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