Witchcraft & Raising Vibrations

img_2136I think we’ve all read accounts of witches identifying as “white” or “dark” witches. I’ve really never given that much mind, as I had always connected those terms with magick. And I don’t think there is white or dark magick, I think there is just magick. It’s up to the practitioner as to how to use it.

But thinking about that recently, I wonder if those witches might be referring to their basic outlook on life, and how that is expressed through their magickal practice? In those terms it makes more sense to me.

I bring this up because I am making a huge attempt at changing my life outlook. I’ve written about my depression in the past, and to a large extent, that has shaped my life. It has been more-often-than-not, the filter through how I view life. I’ve often called it a “sepia-toned lens.” This outlook is why a goth path has called so loudly to me. It’s not that goths are depressed all the time, rather for me, it was a lower expectation of constant happiness and joy. For me, it took off the pressure to be happy all the time.

I will say I love the goth side of my life. However, it had become increasingly apparent to me that the scale was tipped way too far toward the darkness. I was having trouble finding the light.

So for some time now, I’ve been wearing the white witch hat. I have been trying to increase my personal vibration by embodying the traits and practices that feed a higher frequency. I started this quest about 6 years ago, but got sidetracked. At that time I purchased Penney Peirce’s book Frequency: The Power of Personal VibrationI found it to be very informative, with lots of practical advice. But at that time I just wasn’t ready.

But now, with a gaggle of grandchildren, I feel it’s time to change. If I were to stay mired where I was, I suspect that there would be many more years of self-loathing or pity, which I would simply be bringing on myself. I would be missing the joy of those children.

Coincidentally, I came across the chart I’ve used above on this really great Twitter account. It actually reminded me to pull out Ms. Peirce’s book and read it again. It’s also a great pocket guide to the feelings and goals that one should reach for in order to raise vibrations.

This takes work. Other than specific frequency techniques from the aforementioned book, I’ve made some spiritual and life changes that I’d like to share with you.

First, I’m treating my spirituality as a religion. I call it Wicca because I worship the duality of the God and Goddess. At times I become more polytheistic, but ultimately I respect that duality. I’ve also taken hold of the Shamanistic aspects of Wicca, and am trying to be more mindful to connect with the earth. With dirt, grass, trees, and stones. There have been far too many periods of time where my Wicca lived in the second story of our home..

Secondly, I have taken a page from chaos magick, and embodied the paradigm of a joyful person. This has been expressed through social media too. Those who follow me on Twitter, know that I try to post a daily greeting with some sort of positivity. I have become a “blessed be” Wiccan. That used to drive me crazy when people said it, but you know what? It feels good to say that to others. It expresses my appreciation for whatever involvement they have in my life.

Thirdly, I’ve changed my musical choices. I listen to a lot of Pagan music. Also, lots of comforting New Age music. Those bring me joy and peace.

Fourth, I’ve been coming out of the broom closet further and further. While I love my dedicated witchcraft Twitter account, I have been adding some of my Pagan & witch friends to my personal account, and posting Pagan related content there. Every personal social media account of mine now identifies me as Pagan, interested in earth based spirituality.

I understand that talk about vibrations and frequencies can be interpreted by many as New Age. I know that it bothers many Pagans to be called by that term, or say that witchcraft is New Age. I don’t think witchcraft itself is New Age at all, but I do think that a large majority of today’s witches use some practices that are shared with New Age practitioners. Hey, I think whatever works for each of us is useful.

So that is what’s going on with me. I’ve been working hard on this, which has left me little time to write lately. I hope to post more often from now on.

Thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or experiences to share, please leave a comment. Thanks so much!

Blessed Be




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