Apparently, I’m on hiatus. I’ve started and deleted a bunch of posts recently. I can’t think of anything interesting to say that I haven’t already written about.

Blogging is a funny thing. I post, and I hope that people are interested. My last couple of posts seemed to have fallen flat. Honestly, I knew when I was writing them that they would.

It’s funny, I know that if I put “witchcraft,” “depression,” or a few other words in the title, I will get views and comments, and truthfully, there have been times I’ve done that on purpose. If one spends hours writing, and you get very few views or relatively little feedback, it’s maddening.

I’m trying to de-stress. My stress level has been sky high. So high, I’ve made myself ill, and am sitting here with a acute case of arthritis. I’ve been ill for days. Actually, I’ve been ill for a month.

It’s all too much. I’m leaning toward giving up Paganism, because I’m exhausted trying to find a path that makes me feel like I did in February 2004. In those days, Yahoo groups celebrated Wicca. Today, most blogs on “professional” sites like Patheos are busy judging the way others live their paths. Everybody but the authors seem to be doing it wrong.

Why worry about this? Why not just chuck it all and live happily on a daily basis without people telling you your way of practicing faith is totally wrong?

One thing I won’t do. That would be coming on here to tell you why I’m quitting Paganism. First and foremost, you don’t care, and secondly, it seems smug. If I was a high profile Pagan, that might be a different story, but clearly, I’m not.

So I’m on hiatus. Thanks for reading.



  1. At this point in time I think many people with any real connection to the earth and the animals is going through crisis. I fought hard to get people to listen to me from aug to nov and then went into shock and horror over fear of what would come Started crawling out of it Brids day but only to try and see where I can fight harder and fist save myself to do so. My main concern are the animals and lands that can’t protect themselves and then those that are their caretakers. Some labels might apply but even then many times they don’t matter. I wish you peace prosperity and wellness. I have to admit I have been one that hasn’t opened every blog post from my email but keep in mind that was because of more of what I was going through with myself and others might be of the same fabric.

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  2. I agree with KatsCauldron and have been experiencing the same issues myself. The world feels a bit more chaotic and it’s been difficult for me to find a balance between spirituality, work, politics/being the change I want to see, social life, etc. I’m only just reconnecting a bit with activities that put me back on the path, but I’m not blogging as often as I would like, not for lack of desire, but more that I just don’t have much to say right now.
    As far as other Pagans go, I can understand being turned off by a religion based on fellow followers behaviors and attitudes (it’s why I finally stopped trying to be Christian). However, if you did find happiness in the path, maybe it’s less the belief system and more the community you’re missing. I never got a sense of belonging or community with Christianity, so I don’t look back, but I did when I first learned and practiced Paganism in the late 90’s/early 00’s and that’s what drew me back. I prefer podcasts now, the forums/message boards seem like a place for Holier Than Thou types and even some blogging is that way. You definitely get forceful/abrasive personalities through the podcasts, but for some reason it’s been easier for me to turn off and unsubscribe. It doesn’t get to me as badly when it’s spoken word vs written. Plus there are so many to choose and most of them seem more focused on study, 101, and simply helping everyone understand not only their views, but the variety Paganism offers as well.
    Wow, this ended up being WAY longer than intended. I suppose this struck a chord a bit and required more thought on my part than I realized haha. Take home message: do what makes you happy. If leaving is what is needed, then do so…sometimes breaks do good and if it isn’t giving you joy or fulfillment, then you shouldn’t feel a need to stay. Everyone deserves to be happy in their spirituality (if they believe in such) and life, in general. ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. I feel you! Maybe it’s the time of year or something else happening beyond our understanding but I feel as if I’ve been adrift lately. I’m studying Druidry and my lesson this past week was about stillness. Sitting patiently by the cauldron, giving myself time to brew. I’ve taken a hiatus from my blog too. Sometimes what we need is within and none of the worlds business! Just do you! And let the cauldron within simmer for awhile๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒœ

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