Hippie Wicca!

IMG_2379This will be the last post regarding the direction of my witchcraft spiritual path. As I alluded to in my post on the 17th, despite what spiritual path I may envision for myself in my mind, when the rubber meets the road, Wicca seems to be the best fit for me. As I said, it is the cream that rises to the top.

Over the course of the last few days, I’ve been reading a lot of the Wicca and witchcraft books I read when I started in 2004. And to be honest with you, Scott Cunningham still resonates deeply with me, 13 years later.

One Cunningham quote that really stood out for me was this:


I remember reading that all those years ago, and was kind of surprised by it at the time. I had always associated witchcraft & magick with the supernatural. And here was a well known Wiccan author telling me that magick is natural, of the earth, of our own ability to somehow peacefully move energy about, in order to create change. No lightning bolts from the deities, nobody granting us the ability to do so. Just us and nature.

There have been so many times that I’ve lost sight of that. I can get caught up in sigils, light and dark deities, left and right hand paths, and a possible supernatural realm, that I  forget that I’ve surrounded myself with crystals, stones, essential oils, herbs, and resins. All naturally occurring items that can aid in that energy movement.

Then there is the great outdoors. Yesterday was a lovely day outside. What did I do? Sit inside working on technical rituals and reformulating my path. Things that needed to be done, but not necessarily just then. I suspect Cunningham would have gone out and sat under a tree.

Scott Cunningham, was not the only author whose works called to me. However, he was the author who provided a genteel Wiccan practice. A practice that I happily followed for four years, before thinking there were surely better, or more sophisticated ways to be a witch. I was truly joyful during those early years. Sure, I might have not gotten every technique correct, or done everything exactly so. But you know what? There is no exact, correct technique. Every author whose book you read, every “expert” on the internet have their own way of living as a witch. If you learn the basics, get familiar with all the tools available to you, then it is time to put your own spin on a magickal path.

So I’ve chosen to try to rekindle those early days. My Wicca may not be Raymond Buckland’s, or Janet Farrar’s, or anyone at Patheos Pagan’s portal, nor is it exactly Cunningham’s Wicca, but it is the Wicca I feel most comfortable with, and one that I can live on a daily basis.

The early days were played out in a hippie/earthy way. I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s, and embodied a youthful hippie life, until I went to college and became an 80’s Me Generation dickhead. But Wicca brought back those early hippie days, and truthfully, it improved my life. So the goth me will get set aside, and I’m letting the hippie back in.

So that’s it. My last flip/floppy post about my path direction. Done. From now on, it will be musings about Wicca, magick, everyday life, and witchcraft. The drama ends here.

Thanks for reading, for watching this public mental battle play out. Hey, at least it goes to show I’m not one of those self-proclaimed “experts,” who claim to know everything there is about the Craft, and exactly how you should do things. I’m struggling right along with everybody else.

Blessed Be!

*The photo at the top of the post is my minimalistic Wiccan altar set up. It’s been a long time since I had an altar without black candles! I’m going to do a self dedication, or rededication, at the new moon.




  1. I’m too not a kind of this extrem ritualistic. I go outside,feel the deities in the wind..create sacred spaces out there (on my work too) and live with that. Cunmingham calls to me too,his books was my firsts on the path. Combinded with Marian Green ‘a witch alone’

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    • Thank you for your comments. I’m always humbled by those who can communicate in English, when it is not their first language. My 2 years of Latin in high school didn’t prepare me very well, except for grammar. Blessed Be to you!

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      • English is sometimes more my heartlanguage then my Mothertongue the german. I read a few books (Goddess/Witchcraft and so on) so theres a little bit mor familiar to write and speak in it. And I have Family in Canada and Denmark so..you see 😉 may the goddess bless you too

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  2. Glad you found a direction you’re happy with for your path! I think Cunningham has been really significant for so many of us, I’ve lost count of the number of people for whom his was the first Wiccan book they read. I love the earthy simplicity of his view of Wicca.

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  3. Minimalist altar for the win! It looks very calming actually, like your own little sanctuary. I suppose that’s what an altar should be. Scott Cunningham is a staple for NeoPagan readers nowadays, and I love the storybook simplicity of his writing. It doesn’t resonate with me *exactly* but it’s close to what I feel. I guess I need to read more; any suggestions?



    • My favorite books about the path tend to be older. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of books in the past few years that bring much new to the table. The more books on Wicca/witchcraft you read, the more you realize that they all give you much the same information, with the difference being the individual author’s spin. That said, I like “Progressive Witchcraft” by Gavin Bone & Janet Farrar. Ray Buckland’s “The Complete Book of Witchcraft” should probably be read by every witch. Dorothy Morrison wrote a book called “The Craft” which was more like a workbook, but I enjoyed it.


  4. I am a baby in terms of spirituality. I really enjoyed reading your post. I imagine I could learn a lot from your journey. I am in the barefoot/hippie/earthy phase of my life, and I tend to want to become a professional writer and philosopher some days. Sometimes, I forget how awesome simplicity truly is. We never know when our time will be up. I bet it would have been extraordinary to be a hippie in the sixties. Peace and good vibes!

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    • Hi Falon, thanks for reading & commenting. I have to say that my Wiccan, simple living, hippie lifestyle is my favorite life phase. We don’t live a spartan life by any means, but we have definitely altered our lifestyle to cut out the excesses that we just “had to have” in the past. Blessed Be!


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