Invigorated Witch!

Guys, I hate it when I don’t blog for days & days. Probably like many others, there are times when I don’t really have anything profound to say (do I ever, really?), and I don’t want to waste your time. Other times I really do have something to say, but I’m just too lazy, or I write until I run out of steam, and it is added to the growing list of drafts.

I’m probably more invigorated about Paganism than I have been in a long, long time. I need to start writing more about that. I find myself inching further and further out of the closet, and posting about Paganism on my mundane Twitter and Facebook accounts. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to be as honest with everyone I know, as I am with you on this blog. A degree of anonymity is empowering.

So hopefully, you will be reading more from me. But today I wanted to touch base with you, and thank you for reading my stuff. I so very much enjoy the interactions we have, and am honored you take the time to read and comment.

Enjoy this sunset photo I took the other day with the cloud shelf!

Blessed Be to you all!



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