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newageYesterday, I felt a bit under the weather. I went for a run, which seemed to make matters worse. When I got home, I ate a little something, and decided I would take a nap, something I rarely do. With the windows open on a 70 degree day, again a rarity in late June, I decided to do a small ritual to the God and Goddess, light their altar candles, and burn some incense. I then slept for over a long while. Afterward, I felt much better.

I did a couple of extra things. I took a piece of raw rose quartz that I had recently purchased, and I buried it in sea salt, while blessing it. I also put on a New Age station on my Echo Dot before I laid down for my nap.

Last night, I thought about my afternoon ritual. To aid in my healing, I appealed to the male and female aspects of the universe by honoring them with a small ritual. I did not ask them to make me feel physically better. I did it because it MADE me feel physically better. I cleansed a stone I purchased with salt. I put on New Age meditation music to help me sleep. I lit incense to both purify the area and aid in healing.

I realized that once again, I had done a lot of New Age actions that afternoon. Granted, the ritual was Wiccan based, but if you broke it down, I simply honored the universe through the God and Goddess.

The amount of New Age things I do are increasing at break neck speed. As I sit here typing this, I’m listening to the “Secret Garden” New Age channel on Amazon music. My extensive use of herbs and essential oils in ritual, home and body care, and personal scent, while originally inspired by Wicca, are largely a New Age practice. My efforts at meditation, which I am trying to increase this year, are aided by New Age music and guided meditations. The meditation itself is a New Age practice. That could be argued by many, but my practice of meditation is New Age in scope.

I was talking to a friend the other day about spirituality, and while she is not a witch or Wiccan, I found many similarities in our thoughts on what deity is, how we approach honoring deity, and what happens when you die. A great deal of her philosophies were New Age based, and when I thought about my belief in the spirit going to the Summerland, and resting before being reincarnated, well, it was nearly parallel to her beliefs, just without the Wiccan concept of Summerland.

I know Pagans, witches, and Wiccans are hesitant to compare their practice to New Age practices. To many, it’s an insult. But in my way of thinking, there are just too many parallels between the two practices. Let’s face it, we don’t live in the “olde days,” we live in a time when most of us carry around a computer in our pocket. Most cell phones have more computing power than the computers used to get man to the moon. For the most part, my whole Book of Shadows resides in a computer cloud. Most of the rituals we find are due to the internet. Gone are the days of yore. We now live in an electronic driven era.

Wicca led me to a wonderful spiritual place in my life. I adhere to the basic tenets of the path. My ritual practice, while considered as Wiccan oriented, is also deeply aligned with New Age practices. Wicca led me to live a simpler lifestyle, to make my own cleaning, health, and body care supplies. But the actual process is a combination of Wiccan, New Age, and earthy hippie philosophy.

Those old enough to remember the TV show Dharma & Greg remember how wacky Dharma and her parents seemed with their New Age practices. I certainly thought it was pretty wacky. Now, I believe in, and actually practice, much of the stuff that was depicted on the show!

Up to a few years ago, I would have bristled at the idea that I’m “New Age.” Now, I realize that while my spirituality is rooted in Wiccan roots, my day-to-day practice is very aligned with New Age practice. Denying that may make some feel better. I’ve become rather proud of the fact that, with the aid of this philosophy, and these practices, I’ve left a great deal of my previously cynical self behind!

So let me know what you think. I know this comparison will ruffle a few feathers, and I get that. I suspect that there will be more than a few people who have come to a similar conclusion. I’d love to hear from you!! Thanks for reading!

Peace, and Blessed Blessed Be



  1. Hi,
    Once again I find myself mulling over a particular subject and then I check your blog and find you’ve written about the exact thing I’m thinking about! It’s spooky (in a good way!)

    I suspect our practices are very similar. I identify as Wiccan but a lot of what I do and believe is New Age – the essential oils, chakra meditations, music, positivity, the evolution of the soul through reincarnation etc.
    I’ve been wrestling with it a lot lately and I guess I stick with Wicca cos I like having a ‘religion’… I like the set ethical code, the holidays, the particular way of doing the rituals. When I’ve tried being ‘just’ New Age I’ve felt a bit ‘untethered’ – like, there’s such a huge diversity of beliefs in that movement (angels, channeling, UFOs, Buddhist beliefs, soul contracts, law of attraction) that I got horribly conflicted over it all.
    I guess I’m a New Age Wiccan!

    I’m glad you’re finding practices beneficial to your health. Have you ever tried Reiki? That’s *very* New Age but I’ve found it helpful in the past.

    Apologies, I seem to have written you a mini-blog post rather than a comment lol

    Blessed Be

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    • Thanks for your comment! I grapple with the label “Wiccan” all the time. I spent so many years doing all my rituals the Wiccan way, but now I am so less formal, I don’t often cast circles, & I’ve blended so many other beliefs into my practice, that perhaps my path has ceased to be Wicca. I’ve had more than a few people suggest that trying to put a label on my practice is counterproductive. Perhaps simply being a “witch” is the answer. Whatever we call it, we continue to evolve! I love your long comment! Discussion is wonderful here. I’m basically throwing my life out into the ether here, with the hope of connecting with others. It’s so gratifying to hear what others are thinking or experiencing. Peace to you! ☮️


      • “Witch” is a good label, it encompasses your practices without boxing you in too much. “Hippie” is also good! How do you feel about the term ‘Pagan’? It’s more of an umbrella term than Wiccan (which is why I tend not to use it so much myself).
        I don’t know if you’re much of a podcast listener but there’s a show you may like called ‘Hippie Witch: Magick for a New Age’ – as the name suggests it’s a blend of new age ideas and witchcraft. The host is super-bubbly/chirpy but the shows are really well researched – she packs a lot of info into each episode. One of my faves 🙂


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      • I have heard Joanna Devoe’s podcasts. A tad bit, as you said, bubbly, for me, but she seems very genuine. I like the term Pagan. I tell everyone I’m Pagan, & most people accept it, or are confused by it. Good enough for me!


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