Patchouli Autumn

Bio: Adult male Pagan, Dionysian witch. In July of 2017, I experienced a rebirth. I purposefully shed the indecisive, fearful, & timid witch I had become, and became a much more confident practitioner of the Left Hand Path. While this incarnation is obviously still developing, I see aspects of chaos magick and traditional witchcraft present. The Wiccan path that I had been on since 2004 has ceased to be part of my current path. I've found myself to be more theistic now. The deities are alive, but they are not overly concerned with humankind's existence. They bear no resemblance to the judgmental God of mainstream religions. They do not condemn, nor judge the paths of those who do not acknowledge them. They will provide guidance or assistance if asked, but one should not count on it. To be a witch is to take the matter of ones' life into their own hand. Magick is power.

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