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Witchcraft Authenticity


In browsing the internet this morning, I came across this article about navigating your way through spiritual enlightenment. I’m usually wary of articles about how to be spiritual, but this one had an authenticity to it I found quite refreshing. In reading it, I first thought I was stuck between the healing and life purpose phases that the author describes, which deflated me quite a bit. I mean, I’ve been on this path since 2004! Certainly, I’ve made it farther than that.

As I read on, I saw the paragraph on grounding, and I realized that was the step that has alluded me. The author writes that this step helps to control your emotions, which is something that certainly would be useful to me.

I kept going back to the life purpose step. At first, I thought that meant I should have discovered some fantastic purpose to my life, something that is life-shockingly amazing. Upon further thought, it occurred to me that rather than find some new life purpose, witchcraft has given me a way to strengthen the life I was leading.

I’m a stay-at-home husband. In the past, that’s been difficult to convey, because it flipped societal norms. Yet, it frees my spouse to concentrate on a job that is stressful, but lucrative. So, I had to reshape my ego to fit into a plan that was right for us.

What has escaped my logic until now, was that witchcraft strengthened my ability to take care of our family. In the past, I was looking at witchcraft as some kind of personal enlightenment, affecting only me. The reality is that most of what I have learned as a witch has practical use on a day to day basis.

I learned about clearing the space of our home, whether it be from residual anger from some disagreement, from lingering illness energy, or just setting a mood of serenity. I learned all about essential oils. At first, I used them just for ritual, but quickly found their usefulness in both household and personal care situations. I was able to rid our home of nasty chemicals, in favor of herb and oil creations. It led to a safer home, and to less money spent on cleaning, health, and beauty supplies.

I could go on about the multitude of connections between keeping a healthy and happy home and the Craft. But let me cut to the chase, and tie this in a bow that supports the title of this post.

At times, I’ve struggled with the validity of witchcraft and magick. I’ve seen magick work mostly on small problems, but I haven’t deluded myself that magick can supernaturally bring you everything you desire. It won’t miraculously cure severe illness, or fix a broken bone. It won’t bring you boatloads of cash, or never-ending happiness or joy.

What witchcraft will do is give you a direction, a pathway to leading a better life. If you choose it to, it will show you some kind of divinity, often it being whatever kind you are able to wrap your mind around. Be that thinking the the deities exist, or that they are simply a part of you. With magick, you can direct your emotions, your mind, your actions to solving issues. Secondly, it is absolutely useful for day to day applications, such as the ones I previously mentions.

I’ve come to accept that I need a belief in the gods and goddesses. It helps me make it through life. Do they actually exist? For me they do. You have to make up your own mind. Witchcraft has shown me that while the deities are there, they do not guide your life, like Judea/Christian belief. That is where magick, and directing your intent come in. Witchcraft is you taking charge of your life, and using various techniques in which to aid you through the business of daily living.

In days gone by, witches were the healers of communities. They learned the properties of herbs, oils, stones, and other natural elements. Their magick was the ability to use that knowledge to aid themselves and others. Sometimes we expect too much of the Craft, thinking it will do more than the universe allows. But if you bring it down to a personal level, you can realize that it is a path, sometimes a spiritual path, that helps you live a better life. If that’s all it is, isn’t that enough?

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Cottage Witchcraft

Harvesting oregano from the gardenI think my blog post from yesterday confused people as much as I was confused when I reread it later in the day. I wrote that early in the day, having come off the day before, when I found out that I need a crapload of dental work done on something I thought was already rectified. Choose your dentist wisely people!

Anyway, my post was just supposed to be about finding more ways to raise my level of energy, or vibrations, whatever you want to call it. But as I’m known to do, I went a long way around the barn to say that one sentence…

This morning I was reading one of my books, Progressive Witchcraft, which I love, and was struck by the fact that there were so many “rules” in Wicca. Obviously, I’ve known that, but for the past few years I’ve basically been doing something I like to call, ‘Wicca, My Way.’ In other words, I’ve been ignoring the fact that Wicca is really a ceremonial witchcraft path, and I’ve not been very ceremonial in my practice. Yet, I still called my practice Wicca.

That’s clearly not the case. Wicca is not anything you want it to be. It has guidelines, and generally accepted methods of practice. I’m not doing the path justice, and conversely, it’s not providing me with what I need at this point in my life.

My lifestyle is simpler, greener, and more relaxed than it was when I started down the witchcraft path 13 years ago. Ironically, much of that came as a result of Wicca. I’ve always been a type B person, but at this point in my life I’m even deeper into that B. I don’t have a lot of interest in elaborate rituals and complicated spells.

I’ve written in the past about cottage witchery. It’s a broad term, that seems to include kitchen, green, and hearth witchery. Basically, it’s witchcraft that centers on the home, and since I’m home the most, take care of the cooking, cleaning, and most things connected with our home, it seems to be a perfect fit.

I believe I do a lot of the things connected with the path. I make great use of essential oils, herbs, crystals, and stones when it comes to cooking, making my own cleaning supplies, personal care supplies, and minor health issues. I do have to credit my wife, for she has the green thumb as far as gardening and growing herbs. To be honest, I probably need to read some more books on the path.

As far as magick and spells, most of my workings are folk magick. Making magical sachets, essential oil blends, and herbal remedies. Judika Illes book, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells is a great reference for folk magick. Most of the spells are based on low, or folk magick. Once you have the ingredients, the spells are simple in nature.

So, I’m going to stop identifying myself as Wiccan. Cottage witch certainly seems more fitting, basically describing what I do on a daily basis.

Hopefully, this post makes more sense than yesterday’s convoluted offering. As always, thanks for reading, and leave a comment if you’d like! I love hearing from you guys!

Blessed Be!

*Pictured above are herbs drying in one of our windows. Very cottage witchy, huh?