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Witchcraft Authenticity


In browsing the internet this morning, I came across this article about navigating your way through spiritual enlightenment. I’m usually wary of articles about how to be spiritual, but this one had an authenticity to it I found quite refreshing. In reading it, I first thought I was stuck between the healing and life purpose phases that the author describes, which deflated me quite a bit. I mean, I’ve been on this path since 2004! Certainly, I’ve made it farther than that.

As I read on, I saw the paragraph on grounding, and I realized that was the step that has alluded me. The author writes that this step helps to control your emotions, which is something that certainly would be useful to me.

I kept going back to the life purpose step. At first, I thought that meant I should have discovered some fantastic purpose to my life, something that is life-shockingly amazing. Upon further thought, it occurred to me that rather than find some new life purpose, witchcraft has given me a way to strengthen the life I was leading.

I’m a stay-at-home husband. In the past, that’s been difficult to convey, because it flipped societal norms. Yet, it frees my spouse to concentrate on a job that is stressful, but lucrative. So, I had to reshape my ego to fit into a plan that was right for us.

What has escaped my logic until now, was that witchcraft strengthened my ability to take care of our family. In the past, I was looking at witchcraft as some kind of personal enlightenment, affecting only me. The reality is that most of what I have learned as a witch has practical use on a day to day basis.

I learned about clearing the space of our home, whether it be from residual anger from some disagreement, from lingering illness energy, or just setting a mood of serenity. I learned all about essential oils. At first, I used them just for ritual, but quickly found their usefulness in both household and personal care situations. I was able to rid our home of nasty chemicals, in favor of herb and oil creations. It led to a safer home, and to less money spent on cleaning, health, and beauty supplies.

I could go on about the multitude of connections between keeping a healthy and happy home and the Craft. But let me cut to the chase, and tie this in a bow that supports the title of this post.

At times, I’ve struggled with the validity of witchcraft and magick. I’ve seen magick work mostly on small problems, but I haven’t deluded myself that magick can supernaturally bring you everything you desire. It won’t miraculously cure severe illness, or fix a broken bone. It won’t bring you boatloads of cash, or never-ending happiness or joy.

What witchcraft will do is give you a direction, a pathway to leading a better life. If you choose it to, it will show you some kind of divinity, often it being whatever kind you are able to wrap your mind around. Be that thinking the the deities exist, or that they are simply a part of you. With magick, you can direct your emotions, your mind, your actions to solving issues. Secondly, it is absolutely useful for day to day applications, such as the ones I previously mentions.

I’ve come to accept that I need a belief in the gods and goddesses. It helps me make it through life. Do they actually exist? For me they do. You have to make up your own mind. Witchcraft has shown me that while the deities are there, they do not guide your life, like Judea/Christian belief. That is where magick, and directing your intent come in. Witchcraft is you taking charge of your life, and using various techniques in which to aid you through the business of daily living.

In days gone by, witches were the healers of communities. They learned the properties of herbs, oils, stones, and other natural elements. Their magick was the ability to use that knowledge to aid themselves and others. Sometimes we expect too much of the Craft, thinking it will do more than the universe allows. But if you bring it down to a personal level, you can realize that it is a path, sometimes a spiritual path, that helps you live a better life. If that’s all it is, isn’t that enough?

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Black Candles & A Shout Out

I’d like to take an opportunity to publicly thank the folks at Soma Luna, one of my go-to Pagan/witchcraft supply businesses. When the goth in me awoke after I had been practicing witchcraft for a few years, I was interested in buying some black pillar candles. In looking around, I found most black pillars were only black on the outside, not throughout. Soma Luna, who make their own pillar candles, have the color throughout the candle. I ordered some, they were promptly delivered, and I was very happy with them. We have been buying candles and other items from them ever since.

Recently, I had a problem with a purchase. I wrote to them, they responded, and after doing some research on the item, they graciously offered to replace our purchase!

One of the things I enjoy about using Soma Luna is that they are a small business specializing in items that are important to me and other Pagans/witches/seekers. They are now strictly an online business, but previously had a store in Bloomington Indiana. That’s relatively close to us, and I’m sorry that I never got the opportunity to visit the store. With Amazon killing off small businesses left and right, it’s nice to support a small business. I’m happy Soma Luna is still going strong online.

I’d like to thank Lulu at Soma Luna for helping us, and I highly recommend this company to anyone needing Pagan/witchcraft/occult supplies. If you sign up for the monthly newsletter, there is usually a code for discounts. There is also often a monthly drawing, from everyone that orders something during the month, for a free gift. We actually won a few years back and got a great pair of Thoth bookends!

I have no affiliation with Soma Luna, I simply wanted to thank them for their great customer service, and recommend them to my readers.

Blessed Be!

*Photos above are those black candles in action on our altar.


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Letting Witchcraft Win the Mental War

f0b62a5cd2749c91fc6c4acbaf57841cThere has been a constant war going on in my head for quite some time. It pits the agnostic, logical me against the Pagan, Wiccan, witch me. This battle is fought daily, many times a day, and it is relentless. It has caused me to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble my altar many, many times. I have deleted entire databases of witchcraft photos, spells, rituals and other Craft information, only to spend days, and weeks trying to restore it. I’ve deleted substantial Pagan blogs, only to regret it the next day. I’ve established more than a handful of internet witchcraft personas, only to move on and dismiss them. It has been an exhausting war.

Lately, I’ve written some blog posts about zeroing in on Wicca or witchcraft, forsaking other interests such as politics. I realize that those posts were writing on the wall, clues to myself about the direction of my life. Clearly, this witchcraft aspect of my life is important to me. Every time I’ve thrown it away, I’ve gone out an recaptured it. It is obviously vitally important to me. So a decision had to be made.

A truce is not enough. The war in my head has to end, as I fear for my mental well being. One of those mental armies has to be victorious, overcome and conquer the other. I’ve decided to let the Wiccan warriors be victorious.

In doing so, I realize I have to accept some ideas, practices, and beliefs that the logical me has dismissed, or at least held at bay. I’ve done much of the heavy lifting on that already. The fact that I have faith in spells, magick, and witchcraft in general is testimony to my acceptance of the possibilities that not all see.

However, there has been some holdover skepticism. Some aspects of the paranormal, of the occult, the psychic realm, and its’ connection to Wiccan spirituality, spiritualism, and the preternatural, have often been casualties of my logical mind, despite the fact that many of these beliefs and practices are aspects of a witch’s life. I’ve been selective in my beliefs, seemingly choosing what I’ve considered fairly logical over what seemed to be outside my realm of acceptance.

I’ve become increasingly aware of these holdovers since I’ve spent more times in some great witchcraft groups on Facebook. I see a lot of those subjects that were outside my belief standards, and spent a lot of time mentally dismissing them. But now I see I need to be more open to most all levels of witchcraft belief.

I don’t think it’s healthy to completely shut off my disbelief. There are delusional beliefs. I think about a quote from Philip Carr-Gomm:

The risks involved in the pursuit of magic are–put simply–either getting frightened by unpleasant perceptions or becoming deluded. Unfortunately it is possible to suffer from both symptoms at the same time.

I interpret that to mean that magic can conjure up things that one might not be so happy or well-equipped to handle or believe, yet one does not dismiss the possibility that it is possible to shape your beliefs to fit a desired outcome.

But I think you have to give into the possibilities, and I haven’t quite gotten all the way there. So I aim to change that. The scales will now tip toward openness of belief, the idea that there are many things within a witch’s life that the logical mind can not easily accept.

I’ll be honest, this relatively short post was difficult to put into words. This is day 3 of shaping it. I want the reader to understand that I am diving far deeper down the rabbit hole than I ever imagined, while keeping delusions at bay. I’m dismissing mental spiritual roadblocks, with a desire, a need, to immerse myself deeper into my spiritual path of 13 years. I’m letting witchcraft win the mental war.

Thank you so much for reading. I’d be happy to hear about your experiences or thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment!

Blessed Be!



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Sending Healing Energy & Blessings

a7985d6c-ce6e-408d-a3ba-c3ed9afcbe26I’ve written before about sending energy to others, but not on this blog. So I thought I’d touch upon it. Yesterday, in one of my witchcraft groups, one of the members indicated that she had a recurrence of a serious disease, and asked for prayers.

There was a time in my witchcraft life when I thought it was silly to send energy, prayers, or even perform spells for someone A. I didn’t know well, if at all, and B. to someone far away. I simply thought it was a physical impossibility. I no longer feel that way.

Let me state first that I’m not talking about “lip service” prayers. Most of us are guilty of being on Facebook and writing something to the effect of “my prayers are with you,” or “prayers sent.” I see it all the time. And we all know that a good percentage of those are simply words we type, or perhaps a momentary thought. We hope the words will make the recipient feel better, and it makes us feel like we acknowledged the situation.

What I am talking about is taking some time to really work up some positive/healing energy, or even a spell and push that out into the ether, directing it at the person needing help. And while doing so, having full faith that your efforts will be received by the appropriate party. Faith in magick. If you think about it, if you don’t have faith that magick somehow works, you shouldn’t be performing it in the first place.

How does this help? I can’t say for sure, but I have a couple of theories. I think the realization that people who care about you, especially witches, are sending you this energy or blessings provides positivity. The body often follows the lead of the brain. Thoughts have power. Also, in addition to the power of the energy or spell sent, I’m thinking about the butterfly effect this has. My actions, no matter how small or large, will hopefully create an even larger effect as a result. Good old chaos magick & theory.

I always light a new candle (the one pictured above is from yesterday’s working) when sending this energy or blessings. If this candle does not burn completely, I relight it at every opportunity, while again sending bursts of energy to the person. Very often this is a several day happening, which I think only increases the odds my efforts will be of help.

When I opened my mind to the possibility or probability that my efforts may have a positive effect, I became a better person. A more caring person toward others. If nothing else, we witches are healers, and isn’t it incumbent upon us to do everything in our power to help heal ourselves, others, and the earth?

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment below!

Blessed Be!




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The Moon, Wicca, and Me

Last night we were on our way to have some cocktails and dinner. We left the house around 4 or so, and headed east. Moonrise yesterday was at 3:42 PM, so the nearly full moon loomed large in the waning light of the afternoon. It was quite a sight.

I mention this because the moon is very inspiring to me. As a kid, I was really interested in astronomy. I read lots of age appropriate books in grade and middle school about the science, and learned to love the night sky. I always felt drawn to the moon, probably due to its proximity to earth, and how easily visible it is.

When I began my Wiccan path, I came to realize how important the moon, and astronomy itself, is to witchcraft and magick. Read any book about Wicca or witchcraft, and notice how much the moon is mentioned. The phases of the moon are factored in when determining when to perform certain spells. Waning and waxing are important. The new moon signals new beginnings, and is appropriate for magick that draws things toward you. The full moon is thought to be a time when magick is most powerful, and the waning moon provided a good time to work spells that rid you of anything unwanted.

In my life now as a Wiccan, the moon is a steadying influence upon my mental connection to the path. There have been times when my faith in the path has been shaken, when doubts enter my thoughts. But honestly, when I walk outside in the still of the night, look up and see that shining celestial body, something happens to me. All the wonder of the Wiccan path comes flooding back to me. It sounds rather hokey, but it’s the absolute truth.

I’ve come to realize that the phase of the moon is a powerful force in my life. I feel mentally strong from the new moon to the full moon. And since I’ve been tracking this, I’ve noticed that when I do have some serious bouts of melancholia, it tends to happen during the waning period of the moon.

I’d wager that there are spells, magick, herbs, stones, and essential oils that protect you if you are adversely influenced by the waning moon. I’m going to look into that. If you are reading this, and know of anything like that, I would love to hear from you!

Because things sometime come into my life at the right time, I came across the following at Sage Goddess’s Facebook page this morning. Here’s a link to her website and blog. Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!



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Witchcraft Life – My Normal..

I haven’t written in a while. My apologies. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little non-witchy, a little abnormal. This morning I seemed to have turned that corner. So I wrote this post as much for myself, as it is for you to read.

I live a magickal life. That’s magick with a K. If I lived a magical life, without the K, it would be like a Hallmark Christmas movie, and it’s certainly not. Like everyone else, I have troubles. I suffer more than I admit with depression and anxiety, and on a scale from 1 to 10 of where I thought I’d be in life now, I’m at about a 6. I’m not miserable on a logical basis, I just thought I would have achieved more, have more friends, and be, you know, normal. Am I normal? I’m not sure because…..

Because I am a witch. A witch! A Pagan! A Wiccan! I’m a strange mixture of hippie and goth. The hippie I get, but where in the hell did this goth stuff come from? I mean right now, I’m listening to the album, Chasing the Ghost by Collide. And I’m well over 50! What the hell? I believe in the God and the Goddess. I practice magick, I cast spells, and I believe in the power of magick. And I’m firmly entrenched in all this.

Admittedly, there are times I want to leave it all behind. You know, be normal! But then, when my mental dust settles I realize, this is my normal. No matter how I got here, or why I got here, this is my life. Every day, I am surrounded by essential oils, herbs, incense blends, dropper bottles by the dozen, gothic decor, altars, books, and the list goes on. The top two photos were the first two things I saw this morning. Even in the bathroom, I can’t escape my witchcraft trappings. It’s my normal.

There are times I’m really annoyed with some of my fellow witches. When I see people get on a Craft Facebook group, and ask if there is a spell to make them a vampire, or one to combat the dozens of evil forces around them, it drives me crazy. If you are constantly battling dozens of evil forces, you need to look inward.

But generally, most witches seem to have a decent grasp upon reality, which comforts me. Then again, the question as to what is reality presents itself. There are times that I come to the mental conclusion that the God and Goddess are archetypes, not actual beings. Logically that’s probably sound thinking I tell myself. However, when the chips are down, and I need to appeal to something larger than myself what do I do? I pray to the God and Goddess. So to me, they are real. And normal.

There are times that I think, “oh, this spell stuff is just silliness.” But again, when there is something I desire, or need to change, or happen, I’m at that altar doing a spell. A further benefit from knowing all this magickal information is the knowledge I’ve gained about herbs, essential oils, and how to use them for everyday situations. Personal care, first aid care, cooking, home care are ways I put this knowledge to use each and every day. That’s now my normal.

When you boil it all down, I’m not a lot different from a Christian who goes to church, and prays to his or her God, and uses prayer to ask God for things. That is their normal. I simply don’t choose to leave everything in the hands of the God and Goddess. I may appeal to them for some inspiration or guidance, but spells are my prayers. That’s my normal.

Am I normal in the eyes of those Christians? Probably not. But this is my normal, and I have to remind myself of it every day, and assure myself that it’s perfectly fine.

Blessed Be!


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Adventures in Chaos Magick

About 9 or so years ago, our business was going through a bit of a rough patch. At the time, I was very interested in chaos magick, and had been using some of the techniques of that path to attempt to increase our business. Chaos magick was an important staple of my path for about a 2 year period. During that time, I learned a lot about ceremonial magick, sex magick, sigils, servitors, and the multitude of ways in which to raise energy. I adopted belief systems, used them for a certain purpose, then moved on to the next set of beliefs.

I created a sigil to give life to a servitor, whose purpose was to magically guide customers to us. It has since resided in a special vessel, and during the time we owned the business, we “fed” the sigil (body fluids, nuff said) to charge the servitor. This magickal technique worked fairly well, especially if we attended to the sigil regularly.

We have since closed the business, and moved onto greener pastures. Part of the guidelines I used when setting this up was that the servitor would be set free when it was no longer needed. This was to be done by burning the sigil. I have been remiss about this part of the magick, and I intend to release the energy of the servitor this week, or early next week. Actually Samhain might just be a great time to do this.

Pictured above is the sigil and the vessel in which it was housed. I can no longer unfold the paper without it crumbling. The servitor’s name was Becdova. I hate to see it go, but the energy should be released for others to use.

If you want to read some online materials about chaos magick, I would suggest this website, which is loaded up with information. Check out the “skullfuck” ritual if you have difficulties remembering your dreams… A great introductory book is Phil Hine’s book, “Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic.”

I’ve been giving some thought to moving back to a more chaos magick driven path. Very honestly, chaos magick can be a mind challenging path. It’s not easy to adopt and dismiss paradigms, and generally not have any concrete belief system. It is often cautioned that those with mental issues be very wary of this path. I am in a much better mental state now compared to when I was practicing that path in the past. It might be time to revisit this dynamic magickal path.

As always, thanks for reading.

Blessed Be!