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Sending Healing Energy & Blessings

a7985d6c-ce6e-408d-a3ba-c3ed9afcbe26I’ve written before about sending energy to others, but not on this blog. So I thought I’d touch upon it. Yesterday, in one of my witchcraft groups, one of the members indicated that she had a recurrence of a serious disease, and asked for prayers.

There was a time in my witchcraft life when I thought it was silly to send energy, prayers, or even perform spells for someone A. I didn’t know well, if at all, and B. to someone far away. I simply thought it was a physical impossibility. I no longer feel that way.

Let me state first that I’m not talking about “lip service” prayers. Most of us are guilty of being on Facebook and writing something to the effect of “my prayers are with you,” or “prayers sent.” I see it all the time. And we all know that a good percentage of those are simply words we type, or perhaps a momentary thought. We hope the words will make the recipient feel better, and it makes us feel like we acknowledged the situation.

What I am talking about is taking some time to really work up some positive/healing energy, or even a spell and push that out into the ether, directing it at the person needing help. And while doing so, having full faith that your efforts will be received by the appropriate party. Faith in magick. If you think about it, if you don’t have faith that magick somehow works, you shouldn’t be performing it in the first place.

How does this help? I can’t say for sure, but I have a couple of theories. I think the realization that people who care about you, especially witches, are sending you this energy or blessings provides positivity. The body often follows the lead of the brain. Thoughts have power. Also, in addition to the power of the energy or spell sent, I’m thinking about the butterfly effect this has. My actions, no matter how small or large, will hopefully create an even larger effect as a result. Good old chaos magick & theory.

I always light a new candle (the one pictured above is from yesterday’s working) when sending this energy or blessings. If this candle does not burn completely, I relight it at every opportunity, while again sending bursts of energy to the person. Very often this is a several day happening, which I think only increases the odds my efforts will be of help.

When I opened my mind to the possibility or probability that my efforts may have a positive effect, I became a better person. A more caring person toward others. If nothing else, we witches are healers, and isn’t it incumbent upon us to do everything in our power to help heal ourselves, others, and the earth?

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment below!

Blessed Be!




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Witchcraft Life – My Normal..

I haven’t written in a while. My apologies. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little non-witchy, a little abnormal. This morning I seemed to have turned that corner. So I wrote this post as much for myself, as it is for you to read.

I live a magickal life. That’s magick with a K. If I lived a magical life, without the K, it would be like a Hallmark Christmas movie, and it’s certainly not. Like everyone else, I have troubles. I suffer more than I admit with depression and anxiety, and on a scale from 1 to 10 of where I thought I’d be in life now, I’m at about a 6. I’m not miserable on a logical basis, I just thought I would have achieved more, have more friends, and be, you know, normal. Am I normal? I’m not sure because…..

Because I am a witch. A witch! A Pagan! A Wiccan! I’m a strange mixture of hippie and goth. The hippie I get, but where in the hell did this goth stuff come from? I mean right now, I’m listening to the album, Chasing the Ghost by Collide. And I’m well over 50! What the hell? I believe in the God and the Goddess. I practice magick, I cast spells, and I believe in the power of magick. And I’m firmly entrenched in all this.

Admittedly, there are times I want to leave it all behind. You know, be normal! But then, when my mental dust settles I realize, this is my normal. No matter how I got here, or why I got here, this is my life. Every day, I am surrounded by essential oils, herbs, incense blends, dropper bottles by the dozen, gothic decor, altars, books, and the list goes on. The top two photos were the first two things I saw this morning. Even in the bathroom, I can’t escape my witchcraft trappings. It’s my normal.

There are times I’m really annoyed with some of my fellow witches. When I see people get on a Craft Facebook group, and ask if there is a spell to make them a vampire, or one to combat the dozens of evil forces around them, it drives me crazy. If you are constantly battling dozens of evil forces, you need to look inward.

But generally, most witches seem to have a decent grasp upon reality, which comforts me. Then again, the question as to what is reality presents itself. There are times that I come to the mental conclusion that the God and Goddess are archetypes, not actual beings. Logically that’s probably sound thinking I tell myself. However, when the chips are down, and I need to appeal to something larger than myself what do I do? I pray to the God and Goddess. So to me, they are real. And normal.

There are times that I think, “oh, this spell stuff is just silliness.” But again, when there is something I desire, or need to change, or happen, I’m at that altar doing a spell. A further benefit from knowing all this magickal information is the knowledge I’ve gained about herbs, essential oils, and how to use them for everyday situations. Personal care, first aid care, cooking, home care are ways I put this knowledge to use each and every day. That’s now my normal.

When you boil it all down, I’m not a lot different from a Christian who goes to church, and prays to his or her God, and uses prayer to ask God for things. That is their normal. I simply don’t choose to leave everything in the hands of the God and Goddess. I may appeal to them for some inspiration or guidance, but spells are my prayers. That’s my normal.

Am I normal in the eyes of those Christians? Probably not. But this is my normal, and I have to remind myself of it every day, and assure myself that it’s perfectly fine.

Blessed Be!


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Goodbye Politics, Hello Wicca

img_1490If you follow my Twitter account, you have a pretty good idea that I thought Donald Trump was totally unqualified to be President, preyed upon the fears, and unfortunately, the surprising hatred that still exists in this country. Since 2008, I’ve invested lots of hope, energy, and time, into following politics. There is no doubt that our country is in a much better place then it was when President Obama took office.

Secretary Clinton was not a perfect candidate. She made some mistakes, but she also devoted her entire adult life to public service. Donald Trump devoted his adult life to Donald Trump. He has absolutely no experience, and his contempt toward women, Muslims, Hispanics, the media, and virtually anybody who didn’t shout his praises is well documented.

I’m also disappointed that there is such a large segment of our country that looked past all that, and decided to throw the future of our country to the wind. There seems to be a racism and hatred in our country that runs far deeper than I ever imagined. So now, there are entire groups of people who fear what the future will bring them. Climate change will be left to worsen, as Trump is a denier. The chasm between the rich and the poor will continue to grow, and millions of people who were able to finally get health insurance, will again be at the mercy of the big insurance companies, who will again be lining the pockets of the GOP politicians. It just goes on and on.

So I’ve made a decision. While I will still have interests in the social causes, many of which I listed above, I will no longer devote my time and interest to politics. I may vote, maybe, but I’ll no longer have my emotions rise and fall with the bullshit of politicians. If millennials didn’t feel the need to vote to ensure their future, why should I?

The energy I devoted to politics will now be channeled into my Wiccan path. I plan on elevating my spirituality to an even greater importance in my life than it already has. I have fallen away from ritual and spells, and that will change. The energy and emotions I had toward politics will be funneled into magickal workings. The hours of reading about, writing about, and fretting about politics, will now be spent on bettering myself, and perhaps others through ritual and magick.

At times, politics caused me to doubt my spiritual path. My upset with the far right beliefs of GOP politicians, often to the detriment of most of society, often pushed me towards abandoning any religious belief, as a push-back towards their extremist beliefs. This wasn’t what I really wanted. It was simply a knee-jerk reaction. Now, with disregard for politics, I’m sure those days of doubt will be few and far between.

It’s not just the politicians, the media has played a role in this. Sensationalized articles, which apparently are necessary to draw readership, fueled my political fire. They also took a lot of my time away from those aforementioned rituals and magickal workings. Time spent away from all the rhetoric will no doubt be beneficial to my spiritual path.

I think I’ve grown towards cottage witchery because I didn’t have the time to devote to ceremony, ritual, and spells. I rationalized my move away from Wicca as an evolution to my path. In reality, it had just become inconvenient for me to pull myself away from my political outrage, and devote the time to my spirituality. So for me, the loss of interest in politics is my spiritual gain.

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!

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Adventures in Chaos Magick

About 9 or so years ago, our business was going through a bit of a rough patch. At the time, I was very interested in chaos magick, and had been using some of the techniques of that path to attempt to increase our business. Chaos magick was an important staple of my path for about a 2 year period. During that time, I learned a lot about ceremonial magick, sex magick, sigils, servitors, and the multitude of ways in which to raise energy. I adopted belief systems, used them for a certain purpose, then moved on to the next set of beliefs.

I created a sigil to give life to a servitor, whose purpose was to magically guide customers to us. It has since resided in a special vessel, and during the time we owned the business, we “fed” the sigil (body fluids, nuff said) to charge the servitor. This magickal technique worked fairly well, especially if we attended to the sigil regularly.

We have since closed the business, and moved onto greener pastures. Part of the guidelines I used when setting this up was that the servitor would be set free when it was no longer needed. This was to be done by burning the sigil. I have been remiss about this part of the magick, and I intend to release the energy of the servitor this week, or early next week. Actually Samhain might just be a great time to do this.

Pictured above is the sigil and the vessel in which it was housed. I can no longer unfold the paper without it crumbling. The servitor’s name was Becdova. I hate to see it go, but the energy should be released for others to use.

If you want to read some online materials about chaos magick, I would suggest this website, which is loaded up with information. Check out the “skullfuck” ritual if you have difficulties remembering your dreams… A great introductory book is Phil Hine’s book, “Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic.”

I’ve been giving some thought to moving back to a more chaos magick driven path. Very honestly, chaos magick can be a mind challenging path. It’s not easy to adopt and dismiss paradigms, and generally not have any concrete belief system. It is often cautioned that those with mental issues be very wary of this path. I am in a much better mental state now compared to when I was practicing that path in the past. It might be time to revisit this dynamic magickal path.

As always, thanks for reading.

Blessed Be!

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Witchcraft Clutter

img_1509The other day we had some plumbing work done in our bathrooms. To prepare for that, we had to remove everything from beneath and on top of the vanities. I must say that it is truly amazing just how much crap you can accumulate in an under-the-sink cabinet, and how used you can get to a cluttered bathroom countertop.

After the work was finished, I cleaned the countertop, and stood back. I was struck by how good it looked, and perhaps more importantly, how great it felt to have a countertop with only a soap dish on it. Also, only about half of the stuff I took out from the cabinet needed to go back in. Forced decluttering, but the results were, for the lack of a better word, freeing.

After seeing that, I looked over at my altar, and saw a cluttered mess. Now, it can get that way during rituals or spells, but it doesn’t need to be that way on a daily basis. So I proceeded to tidy it up. I may not be finished, but I think it (pictured above) looks quite calming now.

We’ve been decluttering for several years now, and we’ve made some good progress. However, we still end up with cluttered countertops in the kitchen and on table tops. The kitchen is a problem spot for us. We need to steel ourselves mentally, and become ruthless in our elimination process. Those pesky, “we may need this someday” thoughts are hard to overcome, when you are thinking about getting rid of things you spent good money on at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. However, I’m not sure we need 30 martini glasses or wine glasses. Our collection of kitchen gadgets is impressive, but we use about 10% of them. We have 5 junk drawers with lots of those “we made need this someday” items.

Through the years, we were buyers, gatherers, and collectors. That spilled over to my witchcraft life. However, there are lots of things I keep that may come in handy in spells. Pieces of twine, ribbon, dried flower petals, dried herbs, finger and toenail clippings, empty bottles with lids, coins, keys, and other stuff.

So I’ve found there is a balance needed with clutter in witchcraft. I’m now striving for an uncluttered look on the surface, but behind those cabinet doors, there is a wealth of clutter in the form of witchcraft supplies. Twelve year old black pepper essential oil may not be very helpful medicinally (though it probably is ok), but it is perfectly fine for magickal rituals or spells. That bottle of nail clippings will come in handy for protective witch bottles, as will that jar of old nails, screws, razor blades, and old candle stubs.

Life is a balancing act, as is everyday clutter. Witchcraft clutter though, at least hidden behind closed doors or drawers, is a necessity.

How do you manage your witchcraft supplies? Do you keep lots of things, just in case you may need them? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!


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Using Witchcraft to Banish Regret

093853EE-EB63-420B-AD2C-1FE3E42D7FC4It is far easier to preach, rather than practice. The old saying, “Do what I say, not what I do,” has been around for a long time, and has even more relevance in the internet era. I suspect there are lots of “internet experts,” who talk a mean game, but actually practice very little of what they counsel others to do.

In my blogs, I try to be brutally honest. I can’t imagine going on about stuff I’ve never done, or at least attempted to do. I do post about things I’d like to do, but haven’t quite been able to achieve.

At various times, I’ve struggled with my spirituality, depression, and motivation to do all the things I’d like to do or accomplish. But I’m getting better, and things like this blog, and the connections I’ve made with others through social media, who are in similar circumstances, have been of great help.

For the last few years, we have embraced decluttering. Much of it has been physical decluttering, but that has mental implications. Unburdening oneself of physical items, unburdens the mind. It creates a kind of zen calm.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about decluttering the mind of the past. Looking back can be enjoyable at times. It’s why we all take photographs. But looking back at past mistakes, constantly analyzing your life, mulling over your regrets can be extremely unhealthy.

Like a lot of people, I digitalized all my old photos. In doing so, I was able to relive happy times through photographs that have sat in the bottom of boxes for ages. However, another byproduct was churning up past times that led to memories that were not so good. Memories that led to a lot of “what ifs.”

So I’ve worked hard an not repeating that behavior. I now look at the photos as a snapshot in time, thinking about the joy of the moment in the photos, rather than using them as a means to project those what ifs and regrets.

My current life phase, which began about a quarter century ago, is my focus. And while my life does not reflect the hopes and dreams of my life prior to that, there is absolutely no way I can go back in time and change that. No amount of mulling over the past, wracking my brain with regrets will change anything in the past. So I strive to let it go.

Embracing Paganism and Wicca over a dozen years ago, showed me that I can move on from my past and embrace new ideas, new concepts, and even accept an entirely new belief system. Interestingly, I have never had a moment of regret when it comes to dismissing my birth spirituality, and adopting a witchcraft spiritual path. It demonstrates that leaving the past behind mentally is possible.

Witchcraft is a springboard to new heights, whereas mulling over past regrets and mistakes is a ladder to the depths of depression. Soaring metaphorically on that broomstick is the best thing I can do for myself. Staying open to new ideas and possibilities has lifted my spirit, and has served as a means of leaving the past behind.

I believe this is why I’ve become so much less concerned with hiding my Craft path. Outwardly labeling myself as “Pagan” has been freeing. Let people think what they want past that, as I owe them no explanations. Just writing that word in various bio’s is empowering.

From reading lots of blogs and being present on social media, I know a fair number of Pagans and witches struggle with depression. I’m not an expert by any means, but I would urge you to lean on your magical spirituality, hold tightly to your path less traveled by others, open your mind even further to the possibilities of the future a belief in witchcraft affords you. Use divination, meditation, tarot or other means to look to the future, while leaving the past behind. Accept the possibilities and power of magick, even if you have some doubts about the logic of it, and use it to channel energy to propel you to a promising future. Use it to banish the guilt or regrets of the past. Use it to power your here and now.

The path and practices of witchcraft are tool of empowerment.True witches know that we can’t make a pot of gold or a job suddenly appear. But we can use our knowledge of manipulating energy through magick to empower ourselves. That, in turn, can lead to other great things happening in our future. Stop asking others for power, and create your own. Witchcraft puts the power in your hands, not that of a god or goddess, not of others, but your hands. Use it to banish the past, and to give you hope for the future.

Blessed Be

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Creating A Witch Bottle

For some time, I’ve been meaning to create a witch bottle for protection. A while back, I came across this article about creating a witch bottle for protection, written by Jason Mankey. It is basically a step-by-step account of making a protective witch bottle.

I spent this last winter letting my toenails grow longer than is socially acceptable. Since I don’t wear shoes much in the summer, winter was the perfect time to do that. Over the course of the winter, I was able to amass a substantial collection of toenail clippings. I looked around the house for other items to include. I found a razor blade, some nails, some screws, the three dimes mentioned in the article, and some garlic cloves. In addition, I am using some cinnamon bark, and the essential oil of black pepper, cinnamon leaf, and ginger.

Today I put all the items in the bottle, filled it 3/4 full of urine, added 3 drops each of the essential oils, and a bit of salt. In order to make sure it stayed sealed shut, I used electrical tape, then a seal of black candle wax.

Where to bury it? I know that by the front door would be optimal, that area is all landscaped. Near the back door is a good second choice. I wanted to bury it today, but the lawn guys sprayed liquid fertilizer today, so I’ll do it tomorrow after it has soaked in a bit.

Some pictures. First pic is growing the spell ingredients, next is all the stuff going in, then the final, unappealing finished product. That should hopefully keep the nasties away!