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Witchcraft Clutter

img_1509The other day we had some plumbing work done in our bathrooms. To prepare for that, we had to remove everything from beneath and on top of the vanities. I must say that it is truly amazing just how much crap you can accumulate in an under-the-sink cabinet, and how used you can get to a cluttered bathroom countertop.

After the work was finished, I cleaned the countertop, and stood back. I was struck by how good it looked, and perhaps more importantly, how great it felt to have a countertop with only a soap dish on it. Also, only about half of the stuff I took out from the cabinet needed to go back in. Forced decluttering, but the results were, for the lack of a better word, freeing.

After seeing that, I looked over at my altar, and saw a cluttered mess. Now, it can get that way during rituals or spells, but it doesn’t need to be that way on a daily basis. So I proceeded to tidy it up. I may not be finished, but I think it (pictured above) looks quite calming now.

We’ve been decluttering for several years now, and we’ve made some good progress. However, we still end up with cluttered countertops in the kitchen and on table tops. The kitchen is a problem spot for us. We need to steel ourselves mentally, and become ruthless in our elimination process. Those pesky, “we may need this someday” thoughts are hard to overcome, when you are thinking about getting rid of things you spent good money on at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. However, I’m not sure we need 30 martini glasses or wine glasses. Our collection of kitchen gadgets is impressive, but we use about 10% of them. We have 5 junk drawers with lots of those “we made need this someday” items.

Through the years, we were buyers, gatherers, and collectors. That spilled over to my witchcraft life. However, there are lots of things I keep that may come in handy in spells. Pieces of twine, ribbon, dried flower petals, dried herbs, finger and toenail clippings, empty bottles with lids, coins, keys, and other stuff.

So I’ve found there is a balance needed with clutter in¬†witchcraft. I’m now striving for an uncluttered look on the surface, but behind those cabinet doors, there is a wealth of clutter in the form of witchcraft supplies. Twelve year old black pepper essential oil may not be very helpful medicinally (though it probably is ok), but it is perfectly fine for magickal rituals or spells. That bottle of nail clippings will come in handy for protective witch bottles, as will that jar of old nails, screws, razor blades, and old candle stubs.

Life is a balancing act, as is everyday clutter. Witchcraft clutter though, at least hidden behind closed doors or drawers, is a necessity.

How do you manage your witchcraft supplies? Do you keep lots of things, just in case you may need them? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading, and Blessed Be!


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Decluttering My Online Life

clutter-quote-eleanor-brownnWe are having some warmer weather, which has given me some motivation to start some spring cleaning. Not only for our home, but I am extending it to my iPhone, iPads, my Mac, and my overall digital life. Over the years, I’ve managed to create several email addresses, and multiple social media accounts under various usernames. I have stuff in multiple clouds, and photo accounts all over the place. This electronic clutter is time consuming, and anxiety producing. I have blogs under several accounts, and cohesiveness is a huge problem.

So, I am tackling the huge chore of eliminating accounts and email addresses. I say huge because log-in’s, newsletters, and other items are tied to the various email accounts. This means that I have to go through all my accounts, and change email addresses, change log in info, and try not to let anything fall through the cracks.

I also have been using a few various social media names for my Pagan/Wiccan accounts, and that gets confusing. So I’ve decided to settle on the Craft name I came up with in 2006 or so, which is Patchouli Sky. It’s based on my addiction to patchouli, and my love of studying the night sky.

Also, paring down the number of social media accounts is on the horizon. Twitter would have to be the highest priority account. Hopefully, I can make this particular blog which I settled upon number two. I really like Google+, but it has become very quiet there. I hope Google sticks with it, but I have my concerns. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Tumblr. It’s mostly pictures, and people either liking them or reblogging them. Not much in-depth interaction. Facebook has become relatively unimportant to me. I still have my account, and I see posts by my family, and then it’s mostly Pagan/Wiccan pages and groups I belong to, tech sites, and news sites. I rarely post there. I’ve been thinking of looking for some websites that are strictly Pagan/Wiccan oriented, something like

I fight myself over clutter all the time. There is a good feeling in looking at an uncluttered room, with lots of clean counter and tabletop space. On the other hand, we have long been a bohemian kind of family, where we like being surrounded by our eclectic collection of stuff. I guess that’s what has happened over the years with my online life. But it’s time to clean house.

As you can see, this is a new blog. Another clean start. I didn’t really want to start out with a recap of my path, so I thought I would just launch right into it. Thanks for reading!

Blessed Be!