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My Vital Online Witchcraft Community

9509438101_94e41040f8_oIn my last post, I wrote of my desire to incorporate nature and the earth more deeply into my spiritual and witchcraft paths. Pondering that, I began to think about why I had withdrawn from nature to a large degree. If I could point to any one thing, it would be the internet, thus the computer, the iPad, and the iPhone. And the biggest reason for that? Community.

One of the most obvious demons that we solitary practitioners face is loneliness. While we may not care to join a coven, or we aren’t able to find a local coven or other witches like ourselves, we all crave some kind of community. We walk a path shared by precious few (but growing!), and it gives us joy to communicate with others who share our interests and passions.

It took me years to craft (pun slightly intended) my online social community. I created and deleted numerous Twitter accounts, went from one online group to another, and even several different online incarnations of myself. Eventually, I found my voice.

It’s interesting that at first my online voice was far nicer than I felt I was in “real life.” I really wasn’t a “blessed be” person at all. I was far more cynical. I was intolerant of others at times, and less flexible in my beliefs.

That has changed. I’ve become the person you see represented on my various social media outlets. My interaction with other Pagans, witches, Wiccans, and other people who manage find me remotely interesting, has given me a brighter outlook on life. My online Pagan communities have become vitally important to me. I’ve become a “blessed be” person.

I’ve hopped from blog to blog in the past. It’s not uncommon. But I think I found my voice here also. I’m not interested in being a teacher of Pagan information. There are people who do that very well. I think my forte is relating my joys, struggles, and day to day experiences of being a Wiccan. It seems that what I have gone through, and what I continue to go through, is shared by so many others on this path. And that creates a connection, perhaps even a bond between us.

While this is all true, I now realize that there needs to be a healthy balance of online life and experiencing the joy of the natural world. And even there, I can stay in touch. I’ve discounted the portability of social media. I’ve tied myself to the desktop. I have the iPhone with the best camera they ever made. Why am I not outside, taking walks in nature, sharing my experiences and photos with my online community? Why in the world does it always take some degree of an existential crisis for me to wake up to things like this? Argh!

So the quest for balance continues.

Thanks for reading, and

Blessed Be!