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Shedding Light on Gothic Witchcraft

img_0410Lately, I’ve gotten this feeling in the pit of my gut that I’ve been too much of a New Age hippie, and not enough of a witch. I’ve fallen into that “get off my lawn” kind of mentality, where I dismiss, with a wave of a hand, some of the other magical aspects that others experience, or yearn to experience through witchcraft. Perhaps too much light, and too little darkness for me.

Witchcraft, like anything else in life is a balancing act. I wrote about that recently. But I think it’s inherent for me to find the balance between light and darkness. I uncovered my goth qualities, interests, and practices a few years into my witchcraft life. They are all still there, demonstrated in tastes in art, literature, sexuality, decor, and an overall sepia-toned mindset. I’m feeling the need to tilt the scale more toward this aspect of my psyche.

Depression is a real thing with me. What I’ve learned about my melancholia through witchcraft is that too much light is not a good thing. Constantly pushing away the darkness, always seeking the light in every aspect of life will trigger depression for me, because there is always¬†the crash.

I can tell my mood is descending. It became evident to me when I began railing about the guy, in a Facebook group, who thought he was a 200+ year old vampire. Obviously, he’s not, but if he wants to live in that perceived reality, and it makes him happy, then who am I too ridicule him? There have been other clues that I’m on that melancholic slippery slope, and I need to put on the brakes.

Less sunshine, more moonlight. Less Blessed Be, more Darkest Blessings. More Lilith, less Hestia. So if, in the coming days, weeks, or even months, it appears¬†that I’m deeper into ritual, spells, and the darker aesthetics of witchcraft, you aren’t imagining things.

And honestly, I think people like to read about those aspects of the Craft. For instance, I touched lightly on the subject of sexuality, and how it is influenced by witchcraft, and that proved really popular. Without looking, I don’t remember if it was in this blog or my last one. I was fairly PG on that post, but I think people want to talk more in-depth about that subject.

Witchcraft can be all green and light at times, but there are aspects of the Craft that are a bit darker in tone, and whether all witches will admit it or not, that is part of the appeal of the path. So perhaps a deeper exploration would be fun.

Let’s see what happens….