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Witchcraft Living: Sharing Experiences

13ff8fe7-3c0f-40ad-b99f-f1659a6e9b80When I started down the Craft path, I viewed witchcraft as an activity. Something you visit on a regular basis. Perform a ritual, cast a spell, do some reading, then move on with your day. When I started, most of the websites, and books, to a large extent, focused on the “how-to” of witchcraft. Honestly, once I read about a half a dozen books or so on Wicca, I could pretty much predict what would be the general outline and contents of the next book.

After several years of practice, my interest turned to the practical matter of being a witch. How do I incorporate this into my daily life? Because it became more important to me than something I just did upon occasion. Rather, it became who I was, an inseparable part of me. So how do I live a Wiccan life?

What I discovered was there weren’t many resources from which to draw information about day-to-day witchcraft living. The book market obviously was geared to the beginner, or to the various paths of Paganism or witchcraft practice. Most of the blogs and websites concentrated on spells or technical aspects of witchcraft.

Thankfully, I sense a change in the air with regard to discussions of living as a witch in today’s world. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of us out there. Some of us are way out of the broom closet, some halfway out, and some have yet to grab the door handle. Most of us are armed with books and websites giving us the technical information, so now we want to discuss how to make it a part of our daily lives.

My last post about how to handle social media as a witch was really popular. I was absolutely blown away over it. But after thinking about it, I realized that there are just a lot of us who want some input, and discussion, on how to handle life as witches. Most of us use social media, so we are interested in how others deal with it. The people who read that blog post were simply interested in how others dealt with expressing their Craft or spirituality with others via something we all use nearly every day.

My interest in cottage witchery came about because I wanted to find a way to incorporate witchcraft into daily life. Rather than set aside time to specifically do rituals or magick, I found that I could infuse magick into cleaning the house, cooking, doing laundry, and other mundane tasks.

Social media has made me a better Pagan and Wiccan. Through this blog, Twitter, G+, Instagram, and a few other avenues, I get to share thoughts and ideas on witchcraft with others, while learning so much from others. Honestly, when I first started on Twitter, this blog, and other social media sites, I felt I was simply talking at people. Through our mutual interests in Paganism and witchcraft, I am forming bonds with more people than I ever imagined. We are communicating with each other!

I think that has become the centerpiece of this blog. Sharing our experiences, letting each other know about our social successes as witches, or the bumps in the road. I think it makes us better at our Craft, and more importantly, better human beings.

Thanks for reading, and happy witching!

Blessed Be