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Grunge, Goth, Hippie Witch

The other day I noted on Twitter that I realized I had worn the same pair of jeans for 10 or 11 days. I wondered out loud if there was such a thing as a grunge, goth, hippie. What’s funny is that I saw those jeans hanging on a hook later, and I thought, “yeah, hippie grunge part was pretty darn accurate. A far cry from the days in the 80’s when I found myself in Brooks Brothers in downtown St. Louis… Damned Brooks Brothers always wanted to push those vests on you. Hated vests on suits…

Then this morning, I walked by the jam-packed altar, which had a lot of stuff on it because I used it for a ritual the other day. That altar screamed GOTH!

So yeah, I guess there is such a thing as a grunge, goth, hippie witch. The evidence is below.